Friday, August 31, 2007

It's A Holiday?!?!

Umm... yeah. Isn't this the holiday where we all celebrate the work force by NOT working? Really? So does that mean I get to take the day off from BOTH jobs? (What? You didn't realize I have two jobs? Did you miss the MAMA part of my name here?)

Having the day off at the first job is a no-brainer. The office is closed. The banks will be closed. The post office will be closed. So yeah, not really a lot to do there that I couldn't just do at home. Or on Tuesday. And a bonus? I even still get paid for this one even though I won't be there.

However, has anyone thought to tell my bosses at my second job that I get the day off? No? No one's done that yet? (Are there still a couple of you out there that don't quite realize what that second job is, yet? *sigh* )Ok then... someone needs to tell Coach, Jock and The Bug that Mama ain't workin' on Monday.

Laundry? Not happening. Those socks and shorts don't care much anyway.

Breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? There's always cereal or peanut butter and jelly (Hey! I've taught my boys to be self-sufficient darn it!)

Grocery shopping? Not only no, but h*** (that's HECK for those of you who wondered.. hehehe) no! Who said we needed to eat anyway? (Besides, as I just mentioned..... we have plenty of cereal and peanut butter and jelly supplies.)

The dogs? If they're lucky, either Jock or The Bug will make sure their bowls are filled with food and water. If they're not so lucky, I'm pretty sure that there will be plenty of cereal spilled on the floor in the kitchen to keep them well-fed. (Although, I guess if you were to ask the dogs, the lucky thing would be finding the Apple Jacks on the kitchen floor!)

And don't forget the additional perks of having the day off from this job... sleeping in (as if I could sleep through the arguments over who gets to play the stupid XBox next), lounging by the pool (oh wait.... that would mean I'd have to leave-- since we don't have a pool! And I'd just end up a beautiful shade of fire engine red, anyway. *sigh*), and simply enjoying the day with family and friends (hmm.... would I have to get dressed to do that? Guess it depends on who I'm considering friends vs. family... gotta think on that one..).

The downside? This job doesn't pay me to take the time off. Oh! Wait! I didn't get paid for this one, anyway! Silly me! (Unless hugs and mumbled "love you's" are considered currency these days. Can I even barter with them anymore?) Oh yeah... and I'll have to work overtime between now and Sunday night to get all the normal stuff done anyway.

Realistically? I'm still going to hear "Mo-om.... I need........ (fill in the blank) all day anyway.

Maybe the grocery store won't be all that crowded.........

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