Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Who Knew Wednesdays Sucked?

Ok. In all fairness, its not Wednesday's fault. I'm sure that there was no meeting where the days of the week got together and all decided which ones got to host my sons' sporting events. Could you imagine it?

Sunday: Oh hell no! Don't give that to me! I've already got Coach's full attention! I don't want her griping at me for not having any time all day!

Monday: Um.. yeah. Not me, either. I've got the whole "Monday Night Football" thing going right now, and the "24" in the off-season. She'll NEVER agree to miss that show for a game!

Tuesday: Guess I could take it. Although really, I'm a better "practice" day.

Wednesday: Can you come back to me? I'd kinda like to see what the rest of the week holds for her before committing to anything.

Thursday: Ya know what? I think I'm with Tuesday on this one.

Friday: Oh yeah. Sure. That family ain't cool enough for me yet.

Saturday: What? Did someone say something? I couldn't hear you over all the noise from all these people out having fun.

Yeah. I'm sure it went something like that. And since Wednesday didn't speak up when it had the chance, it got stuck with hosting Jock's games. Which.... are now over.

Sadly, I sat here tonight with nothing to do. Ok, that's not quite accurate. I went over and babysat my nieces and nephews (4 of the little buggers!) for a couple of hours. But while I love them to bits, and really it was incredibly cute and heartwarming to walk into their daycare center and have ALL of them run up to me full of hugs and kisses and a chorus of "Aunt Sports Mama! Aunt Sports Mama!" (what? You think they actually use my name? Puh-leeze!) ..... its just not the same as sitting in the bleachers on that 50-yard line. Going back and forth with Coach : Is he out there? Is that him? No.. he's on the sideline now. Oh! There he goes! He's in now! Damn it... he's out again. No, he's in again. (You get the idea.) Nothing I can possibly cook for dinner (and you all remember what a great cook I am, right? lol) can even come close to a hot dog or burger from the concession stand. And I feel strangely like a decent parent, as I knew exactly where Bug was at all times tonight. (No, he did not think it was a good time to be had to sit with his parents and watch his big brother play. His idea of a good time was to go play with everyone else's younger brothers in the practice field behind the bleachers.) But the sad, sad fact at the end of the night remained..... I felt like something was missing, and I'm blaming it on Wednesdays.

I really can't wait until the next sport starts up. With luck, he'll make the basketball team next week. If not....

Baseball season can't come soon enough.


Midas said...

Poor Wednesdays!

I like to cook, but I am too busy to cook. I need a cook, but thenthat would mean having to work, which Idon't really like doing. I like not working. :)

The Sports Mama said...

Midas: I hate cooking. In fact, the only reason I cook is so that my kids don't starve. I'm not very good at it. :) Coach, on the other hand... is a great cook. Just a lazy one. :)