Thursday, November 29, 2007

Made Sense To Me....

Tonight the Green Bay Packers played the Dallas Cowboys. (shhh!! I know that's a bad word in our house, what with Coach being a die-hard Redskins fan and all), and needless to say....

Coach once again was not pleased with the outcome of an NFL game. Is it too much to ask for the Redskins to win more and the Cowboys to lose more? Honestly, what would it take? My firstborn? A kidney? My firstborn's kidney?? Trust me, Coach would absolutely think it was worth the sacrifice! And though it was really difficult for him to admit, Coach did give Tony Romo credit for being a good quarterback. Its just too bad he's playing for such an inherently evil team.

So I asked him (Coach, not Tony Romo)..... if you could create a team of the WORST players, to guarantee your team would win every time, who would you put on that team? Its kinda like fantasy football, only backwards. He looked at me like I had proposed changing the standard uniform of the NFL to pink tutus for all the players, with the refs in Speedos!

He sat there for a few minutes, trying to think of who he thought sucked enough to be on that team. He named a few players (and the only one I can remember right now is Brian Griese, sorry!), but surprisingly *or not so much, considering the true-blue fandom of this man* he did not list a single Redskins player. And everyone knows that everyone on that team has consistently sucked for at least one solid season played on that team. No really... its a fact. Go Google it. I'll wait.

Oh, you're back? What? You couldn't find that? Well, I suppose its possible that its just my opinion, formed by years of proving how much I love my husband by constantly cheering for any team that is beating his Redskins. Don't want him to get too comfortable in his team support, you know. If he's constantly defending them, he's always watching for the best things they do. That way, he might miss the bad stuff. See? Makes sense to me.

Anyway, all of this to say he COULDN'T build a fantasy sucky team. He tried, but he could only put a couple of players on it. Guess this proves one thing, though.

I still have what it takes to leave that man speechless. (What? You thought I was going to make this post TOTALLY about football? Puh-leaze!)


pattyd said...

Coach should change to a Pats fan like your son is, were 11-0! But I bet he wouldn't like that comment!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I can't believe your husband let's you talk to him while the game is on. If the Patriot's are on in our house, mums the word!!

Which makes me want to talk more! :-)


LunaNik said...

lol...a fantasy sucky team. i love it! so glad my hubby is not into sports. i witness enough grief coming from my father, i don't need it from hubby too.

Sue said...

Ha! My post today is also about football. Err. Sort of.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

While Coach was cursing the beauty that was last night's game, I was watching my Fantasy score go up and up and up. My boyfriend Tony Romo and my other boyfriend the Dallas kicker (is it wrong that I can't remember my other boyfriend's name right now?) really did me proud. Honestly, I couldn't care less who won. I just want my Fantasy points.

A Fantasy Sucky team would be a really fun twist. You'd have to have rules like only picking starters so everyone didn't pick really bad reserves, but how fun would it be trying to pick the worst quarterback! People would be fighting to not get Tom Brady.

The Sports Mama said...

Patty, the fact that Jock is a Pats fan is a constant source of stress for poor Coach... lol

Hallie, its all about timing! :) If I pick the right moment, his ears seem to pick up what I've said. However, I have learned to NOT speak anywhere even close to the vicinity where he's sitting if the Redskins are on.

Lunanik, I was raised in a house with no sisters and two brothers who were both sports freaks, then I married a man who is a sports freak, and we're raising two boys who are sports freaks. There is really no escape option for me. :)

Sue, first chance I get I'll head over there to read it!

BBM, it was not fun last night! :) Jock was actually cheering for the Cowboys since he doesn't like the Packers, and there were some pretty tense moments between he and Coach.

Rachel said...

SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh I'm about to share a secret.
My husband doesn't like the Cowboys. Yes. We are Texans, and he doesn't like the Cowboys! LOL!!
He's a Colts man.
I love your philosophy, it cracks me up with it's utter brilliance and deviousness, mixed with a dash of love.