Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Not A Contact Sport? Yeah, Right!

Do you see Jock's eye over there in that (inexcusably bad, I know I know... sorry, crappy cell phone camera) picture? And this picture actually shows it looking better than it did. Imagine the white part more of a total dark pink, some bruising beginning under there, and know that the bright red mark looks more like rug burn. Then you'll have a better visual.

And no, before any of you smarty pants out there ask, it was not a result of discovering his texting totals!

That, my friends, is a volleyball injury. Yeah, you heard me. Volleyball. This child, who is seriously poetry in motion on the football field, somehow FAILED TO DUCK when he saw the ball coming at his face yesterday. Coach was only *marginally* less embarrassed for him when it was explained that they weren't actually playing volleyball, but rather kickball--using a volleyball.

We expect injuries on the football field. Heck, depending on how they happened we even brag about them. We can just about determine how well his baseball season will go based on how many times he gets pegged while at bat, or the road rash from sliding into stolen bases. (*side note... Jock actually set a league record last year..... he got hit at least once in every game of the season. Dubious honor, to be sure!)

But c'mon..... VOLLEYBALL???

To add insult to injury.... the death blow was dealt by a GIRL.

One theory says Jock was being chivalrous. He was making that girl feel good about herself by giving her the opportunity to claim she took one of the boys down in gym class.

Coach's theory is she's obviously some hot little thing, and Jock had completely lost all brain function long before the ball hit his face.

Judging by the blushing Jock was doing when he had to explain all of this to us last night....... Coach is probably right.

But shhh... don't tell him that or there'll be no living with him for a while.

Well... at least until the Redskins lose *again* this Sunday! :)


Sue said...

First of all, girls have much better lower body strength than boys. Since she kicked it, I'm sure it had enough velocity to potentially do damage.

Second, they were using a volleyball as a kickball. Umm. Yeah. It was not intended for use in that way, so that coupled with the death kick of a girl, it became a lethal weapon.

Third, in HS I ended up going to the eye doctor after getting hit in the face with a volleyball. I then missed two days of school because of the injury.

So yeah, feel sorry for the boy. He just got his ass-kicked by a girl with a volleyball. ;)

The Sports Mama said...

Sue, he DOES have my sympathy. If for no other reason than his dad and brother won't quit teasing him for it! :)

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Love it!!! Kickball can be a bad ass sport - so competitive. A volleyball is a bit hard though...

Thanks for the great comment on my blog - you sure know how to pick someone up by their bootstraps when their down!!

Thanks a ton.... :-)


The Sports Mama said...

Hallie, anytime you need an inbox to vent to, mine is here for ya! :)

And I neglected to mention that this brilliant son of mine is forever inventing "new" sports.... when he was 9 he broke three toes in the CENTER of his foot by playing soccer...at night...in the grass... barefoot... with a basketball. *sigh* Its got to be his father's genes.

Rachel said...

Absolutely adorable!! Love the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun playing in the background.. so appropriate, and one of my all time favorite songs!!!
Poor Jock. An injury and embarassment, LOL!!

*~*Cece*~* said...

Oh no! I just had the image in my head that they show in teen movies where the kid CLEARLY sees the ball yet doesn't move. Next thing the neck snaps back and its all over!

Poor kid.

KIDZMAMA said...

A bruised eye is the least of his worries. That volleyball could have done some serious manly damage!

The Sports Mama said...

Rachel, glad you're enjoying the music! :) I'll be switching around the song selection periodically.

Cece, thanks for the visual!

Kidzmama, I know! And since I do hope for grandchildren .... way into the eventual future.... I'm glad if it had to hit him, at least it was his face.

Amy said...

Oh, I almost feel bad laughing at this story.

I'm voting for Hot Little Thing.
I hope the injury was worth it.

Anonymous said...

Nah, just tell him that girls find sports injuries sexy. lol He could soup up the story a bit and use it to his advantage!!

Karen said...

I'm with Coach, I'm pretty sure it was all the girl's fault and Jock would do it all over again. haha But I would never let him live this down.

The Sports Mama said...

Amy, don't feel bad... we laughed too! :)

Karen, unfortunately, he's already discovered how much girls like to fuss over injured athletes. *sigh* Its going to be a long four years...

Karen, we're blaming it on the girl, too. And OF COURSE we won't ever let him live it down! ;)

Anonymous said...

LOL..aww man, cut the boy some slack.

You know he's gettin' teased at school ! ;)

The Sports Mama said...

Slick... we all know he's milking it for all its worth at school!