Sunday, January 20, 2008

Reality As We Live It

Apparently, its not just for cows anymore.

Coach and I took Bug out to lunch this weekend, and we were informed of the following:

I have two stomachs. One for liquid, and one for food. Right now, my liquid one is closed.


I know I've often felt the same way, but it still took me by surprise to hear this phrase come out of Jock's mouth yesterday:

There was too much testosterone!

See, he had gone over to keep his friend sane, er... I mean, keep him company while his friend's little sister's 13th birthday party was going on. He was trying to tell us about how all the girls were driving the boys crazy, and made that comment. After regaining control of my laughter, I made the comment that *maybe* he meant estrogen. He stopped a minute, thought on it, and said Yeah, that's what I meant.

The somewhat scary thought occurred to me that quite possibly he had been correct in his original statement, even if he didn't know it. Think about it. There were roughly ten 13 year old girls present, with the three 14 year old boys hanging out.

At 14, there is ALWAYS too much testosterone around. Especially around that many girls.


It occurred to me this afternoon that Coach and I might possibly be insane.

We spent a good chunk of our morning searching EBay for a specific kind of baseball bat for Jock. This was after we've searched all the local sporting goods stores in our area, and even their websites. We couldn't find what we were looking for, so we headed to EBay.

Where we HAPPILY, and with NO HESITATION, put in a bid, that if we win.....

We'll be paying over $100 for this bat.

And then we talked about what a GREAT deal that was, as the bat is normally over $200.

But that is not the indicator of our level of insanity, my friends. No. What makes us question ourselves is the fact that we've got bids in on TWO bats. Two bats that are EXACTLY the same. And we decided it would be ok if we won both, as those are remarkable bats, and amazing prices.

I'm sure that someday we'll all get to see these bats in the Baseball Hall of Fame, as the bats that got him started down the road to greatness.



Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Bug might be on to something with his two stomach statement. There are days that I couldn't possibly drink another drop of water, but there's always room for chocolate.

Also? You are insane to bid on TWO bats. But I'm sure you'll be able to say the same to me in about 15 years when Alexis is all about some basketball or softball item. I would do it, too, if it were for her. But only after making her bed endlessly and performing countless household chores.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

BEG, darn it! BEG endlessly and performing countless household chores.

I hate when I do that.

Karen said...

But it wouldn't hurt to have Alexis, or Jock or Bug either, make their beds to get those bats. For all they're worth, I'd make sure the kids earned them.

LunaNik said...

Isn't it funny how the lure of eBay seems to suck all of the reason out of us otherwise normal people??

Flea said...

I have totally bid on two of the same thing before when it's a good deal. I've always lost at least one of the bids. And if I ever did win two, I'd probably just turn around and sell the second one. Hey, at least you'll have your bat. As to your sanity, I can't really say. :)

The Sports Mama said...

Burgh, I laughed when I read your first comment, thinking that Alexis was getting off way too easy with you making her bed and all. :) Good thing you cleared that one up! :)

Karen, Jock actually does quite a bit around here so we don't feel too bad getting him the bat.

Lunanik, it completely sucks all reason and sanity out of my brain.

Flea, we actually talked about turning around and selling the second one if we happened to win both! :)

Amy said...

50% off on $200 bats! Great deal. $200 Bats?!? really. I didn't know they could cost that much. My ignorance clearly prevented me from becoming the great Softball play I thought I was. ( I played 4 years of High School and tried out for the college team)