Saturday, February 2, 2008

I Didn't Even Hit SNOOZE Once!

Today was awesome. Granted it started at the butt-crack of dawn, but it was still awesome.

Jock had another football combine today. Last week, Coach took him and I stayed home and hung out with Bug. (And by "hung out with Bug" I mean that he went and played outside with all his friends and I stayed in the house and read a book.) This week, Coach took Bug with him to a baseball manager's meeting, and I got to take Jock to the combine.

**BTW, I Googled the term "football scouting combine" and got some specific sites, but not just a general definition for you. Basically, its an event where they test the football player's skills: 40 yd. dash, bench press, a 5-10-5 shuttle~if you need the definition of that, email me~, and his vertical jump. Then he is given an athlete ranking that is also passed along to hundreds of college football scouts across the nation. Hope that helped!**

If there is anything I enjoy more than just randomly spending time with my boys, it's watching them on the field. There were at least 400 boys there today, and it was amazing seeing how Jock compared to them. Especially since he's only a freshman, and the majority of athletes there today were juniors. Some were sophomores and some were seniors on a last ditch effort to be noticed, but the bulk were juniors. There were only a handful of freshman, and in the group of 35 that Jock was assigned to--he was the lone freshman. And he impressed the shorts off the upperclassmen! They hadn't heard of his high school before today, but I can guarantee that they'll remember the name after this!

Naturally, after this workout (for him.... me, not so much. Unless you count freezing my tush off while watching. I'm telling you, the tenseness of my leg muscles while my butt was frozen to the bleachers really needs to count as exercise!) we were ready for lunch! When I asked him what sounded good, I was prepared for any one of a number of fast food places he enjoys. When he suggested a restaurant we had to go in, sit down, and spend time with each other.... I was pleasantly surprised! We had a really nice lunch: great food and great conversation. I had to laugh when he told me he was full, but then proceeded to finish the rest of my meal!

Later, when it was time to go to the grocery store, Jock asked to go with me. While that in itself isn't that unusual as he does occasionally want to go, it was surprising today since he'd just spent most of the day with me. I didn't want to spend another two to three hours with myself at the grocery store, so why should he? But it was fun!

And to top off my day?

Coach is spending the night at his brother's house, since they were going to watch the UFC fight and drink some beer. Yes, I will miss my darling hubby. I actually love having him around.

But do you know what it means that he won't be home tonight?

I get the bed all to myself!!

And that..... well, that trumps almost everything else. It even makes the butt-crack of dawn more bearable.



Burgh Baby's Mom said...

That sounds like a pretty much perfect day for the Sports Mama!

The Sports Mama said...

As long as I overlook the wake-up time, it was! :)

Karen said...

You must be so proud of your boys, to be such amazing athletes AND love their mom the way they do.

Stella said...

Great post!
My son is only, almost, 3 and I love watching him play and spending time with him alone. It's so special! Part of me can't wait for him to grow up a little bit and the other part is so sad to watch him get bigger!
Thanks for sharing!

Amy said...

I love hearing about the quality time you got with Jock. What a great day.

Flea said...

You're such a good mom, and so blessed to have a day with just your boy. I know what you mean about watching them do what they're good at. My oldest is a musician and I'm her biggest fan. And biggest cheerleader. Okay, when I say biggest, I don't mean literally. Wait, maybe I do ...

KIDZMAMA said...

I know Jock's your kid and all, but it sounds like you spent the day with a really good friend. A sports event, lunch out, and shopping. It was perfect.

BTW, my hubby and I record the UFC fight and love them!

Shellie said...

Uh, that music is distracting me from what I was going to say...I love rock and roll? Oh! The bed, yeah you deserve it after that day.