Monday, February 11, 2008

Not A Big Fan of Peanuts, But I'll Take Some Of Those Cracker Jacks

I'm sure you've all noticed that I don't generally post on the weekends. No? Huh. Not an observant lot, are you? :) I kid. I know you've all noticed. On the other hand, only a small handful of YOU post on the weekends, so maybe you haven't noticed simply because you're not around.

Either way, consider this fair warning: From this point on, my posting will be erratic. I'll be just as likely to post on a Saturday as I am on a Wednesday. It will also be most likely filled with baseball stuff. Try not to get used to it. Eventually I'll go back to my weekday ways.

Its official. Baseball season has started here. Yes, in Arizona - Spring starts in February. Sincere apologies go out to all my bloggy friends in snow covered areas (Karen, Hallie and Sue immediately come to mind).

Coach is ....well, coaching. He's the manager of Bug's team. He's also the Director of one of the older divisions in our Little League. This means that not only will he need to be present for the tryouts for the division he's coaching (which will span two days, plus one more for the actual draft), he needs to be present at the tryouts for the older division (again, two tryout days plus one draft day). Then, he jumps into practices (before Opening Day, usually 2-3 a week) and then games (2 a week), going through the end of May.

I'm the Secretary and Information Officer of our Little League board, and the Team Mom for Bug's team. So, I get to be at weekly board meetings, all nights of tryouts for all divisions, all draft nights, an all day presence at Opening Day ceremonies and activities (at last check, I'm also scheduled to sing the National Anthem that morning!), at least a couple of nights a week spent at the field as Officer of The Day for all games scheduled that night (or all day on Saturday, should I get so lucky!), and Bug's games.

Bug has it easy. All he has to do is go to practices and games, and pitch and hit to win. He'll do fine.

Jock..... well, (drum roll, please!) ....


Yes, I know that I just shouted that at all of you. Sorry I didn't warn you first to step back or cover your ears or something. But I'm still just so stinkin' excited about it! (*On a sidenote.... I sat through the last night of tryouts for that, and it was NERVEWRACKING! I don't know how those boys did it. It was being treated as a regular practice, with a controlled scrimmage going on, and the coach kept calling them over individually to talk with each of them for a few minutes to let them know either why they did or did not make the team. It was almost impossible to tell which ones made it and who didn't. They were all so upbeat and positive. I have to give huge pats on the back to all the parents out here... not a single one of those boys started pouting or getting angry while they were there after finding out they didn't make the team. They got done talking to the coach and headed back out to whatever it was they were doing before he called them over. At the end of practice, Jock walked over to Coach and I and started talking about something, and I said Well?!?! And he said Oh, I made it. Then started grinning like a loon. Love that boy!) So he's got practice every day, and games once a week.

Oh... and did I mention that he's also on the track team? No? Well, he is. And they also practice every day. And there is weekly meets. At least, I think there's only one a week. I'm not sure on that one, yet.

And we've still got to fit in homework, our day jobs, some family time, and a birthday or two (my 35th is coming up in less than a month, and my SIL's is the day after mine. Of course, she won't be 35, she'll only be 22. :) But we've celebrated our days together for the last seven years, and it's a lot more fun to plan now that she's legal! This year we're actually contemplating getting tattooed. I've got something in mind, and actually would like Jock to design it for me. If I go that route, I'll let you all know!). This is my life until the end of May. At which point, football season begins again for Jock, with spring training starting up the last two weeks of May. And if you don't remember how crazy-busy my life gets during football season, go back and ready some of my posts between August and the beginning of November last year!

So you can see where I might be just the teensiest little bit busy occasionally, right? Don't jump ship on me, though, ok?

Oh.... and if anyone wants to send ready-made-all-mom-has-to-do-is-heat-and-serve dinners? My boys would love you. It would get them out of nothing but ramen or cereal when we don't get home at night until almost bedtime.


Karen said...

Have a great "spring" with the boys you love so much! I can't be too envious of your early spring because at least our summers are bearable. I don't do heat.

I love that your whole family is so connected and supportive of each other. You're one of my fave families.

Huckdoll said...

Holy crap, I'm spent just reading that! Even though it seems people don't write and read blogs on the weekend, THEY DO! I always used to look at the weekend as a time to catch up on blog reading, but it's impossible. Even if it's just that Scrolling Saturday meme or something, it's insane. Anyway, I'll read ya whenever!

Shellie said...

Congratulations and welcome to erraticville. I left you a little gift on my blog when you find the time to pick it up.

The Sports Mama said...

Thanks, Karen! I feel the same way about you guys! :)

Huckdoll, I am so glad to count you as one of my new blog stalkers... I mean, friends! :)

Shellie, thanks! I actually saw it before I saw your comment! :)

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

I'm exhausted just reading all of that! It's so cool that y'all are able to enjoy so many of the same things. Enjoy Spring!

KIDZMAMA said...

Holy cow he made the team! Not that I ever thought he wouldn't, but wow, that's awesome. It's so great that your whole family is involved. It's just part of your life. Albeit a very hectic part, but what else would you be doing? I'm sticking around for all the scores.

AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

Happy Spring. Yay for the preseason of baseball. I'm so excited for your son getting on the high school team.

Cecily R said...

First of all, we could eat Cracker Jacks together. I'll take the peanuts and you can have the rest. We can fight over the prize later.

Secondly, CONGRATULATIONS Jock!!! Like any of us had any doubt and we don't even know him!

And last, I think it's fantastic the way your family is brought together by a common love. It truly sounds like an amazing childhood you are building for your kids!

Amy said...

Track and Baseball! Wow. I didn't know they let kids do two sports at once!

I have a great Crockpot shredded beef sandwich recipe. The prep is a little involved, I usually make it the night before, put the crock pot (or insert) in the fridge and plug it in the next morning. Let me know if you are interested and I will email it to you. K?