Monday, April 21, 2008

No, Their Parentage Is Not Seriously In Question

Yes, I know I've been a bit somber lately. My apologies to those of you who stopped reading this week for that reason. (And while I really do try not to pay too much attention to the silly stat counter, the drastic drop in both daily readership and in comments.... well, can't really ignore that, can I?) I'll try to pick up the emotional pace, ok?

Those of you out there (at least, those of you that are still here with me) with children will understand me when I say that some days, the boys living in my house are Coach's kids. And then there are days when they are MY kids. Generally, they're mine when they're behaving, and they're his when they are aggravating me. Makes sense, right? But, there are times when its not so clear. For example.....

Bug agreed to a haircut this weekend. Yep. A whole INCH off. He's got this whole Owen Wilson thing going on. Pity we live in Arizona. He'd make the cutest little surfer boy! As it is, with it being so hot here he just sweats all the time. Which makes him look frequently like he just stepped out of the shower. Real shame he doesn't smell that way, too. In this case, even though the sweat and dirt thing leaves him stinky, he's so darn cute right now with the hair.... he's MY kid.

We were watching TV tonight, when we caught a brief few minutes of a show portraying a traditional Jewish wedding. The men all had the long sideburns and beards, wearing all black with long jackets. Everything was pretty quiet, and the scene on the screen was somewhat dramatic. I'm still not sure why exactly it was that I was surprised when this came out of Jock's mouth:

So.... um, were the guys in ZZ Top Jewish? 'Cuz the beards look a lot alike.

This one? Yeah... he's Coach's kid.

So is the difference between MY kid and COACH'S kid clear as mud now or what?


Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Definitely clear as mud. It's just like when Alexis is Alexis is shocking us by reciting an entire book perfectly, she's mine. When she's running into closed glass patio doors, she's all Daddy.

BTW, I think everyone's stats are down. I don't know about everyone else, but I'm certainly doing less reading now that the weather is so fabulous.

Stella said...

I totally get what you mean!

I'm sorry your stats have dropped but you have to write what you feel! I'll keep coming back. I enjoy seeing what you have to say. You're real life.

AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

yes, ditto to Burgh. Stats are WAYY down. Good weather = fewer bloggers.

My son is often the hubby's son, too. For similar reasons.

*~*Cece*~* said...

That's too funny. But I love me an honest kid!

Flea said...

O TOTALLY get what you mean! My Oatmeal Head is mine when his dry humor is right on target. Unfortunately, he's also mine when he's so scatterbrained he forgets everything.

Karen said...

I'm with Burgh - readership will probably continue to drop through summer. I just am having a hard time sitting here when the sun is out.

Josh has that Owen Wilson thing going on, too. I agree that it's cute, but he sweats as well. We've talked him into a Ty Pennington. Much cooler for summer.

And he doesn't smell fresh from the shower either. LOL

Cecily R said...

Holy crap that is a comment that Jon would fact, he probably HAS! I LOVE that!!

So...when they whine can the kids be Jon's? Please?

Shellie said...

Gotcha! As for the stat counter, I think when the weather around the country gets nicer, everyone's stats drop! Me, I'm a slowpoke popping around the blogosphere.

LunaNik said...


AND I'm waaaay impressed that he knows who ZZ Top are. YOu've done well =)