Wednesday, May 7, 2008

At Least Its Not His Underwear

*and yes, I know that title will most likely bring me some very strange traffic*

I'm sure at least most of you are familiar with the superstitious practices running rampant throughout the sporting world. Ask almost any athlete, professional or amateur, and they'll tell you they've got some sort of good luck charm. Lucky socks. Lucky gloves. Lucky underwear.

Well, Jock is no different. He's just as superstitious as the rest of them. His lucky "item" changes depending on the sport; and it changes each season. It can also change during the season if he's been in a slump; he changes something, and then comes out of that slump. We've had our fair share of lucky socks and lucky undershirts. Pre-game rituals that must not be changed lest the team suffer dire consequences.

This year, in all sports, all of his superstitions have centered around the same thing. His sideburns. It started during football season. He didn't shave them off all season long, and his team went undefeated and he led his position in touchdowns. BUT.... for baseball season, when he'd grow them out, he either wouldn't play or he'd play crappy. So, he got in the habit of shaving them off on game day mornings. And when he'd do that, not only would he get to play in the game that day, he'd get a spectacular hit. Then the freshman season was over, and he went down to play with the Little League. I'm not sure if he didn't take it as serious as he did the school team, or if he thought he'd try something different, but he stopped shaving his sideburns off. And promptly hit something of a slump. Ok, not precisely a slump.... but he certainly wasn't playing as well as he could have.

His final game of the regular season was tonight. And so, this morning? He shaved the sideburns off. And tonight? Phenomenal performance. The first thing he said to me when he left the dugout and we were walking to the car?

I TOLD you it was the chops!

Whatever. I know the truth; the real reason his performance was so much better tonight (oh... that beautiful ball he hit out right to the fence in center field... absolutely gorgeous hit! Brought in three runs and landed him a triple!). It had nothing to do with his sideburns, or lack of. Oh no. Wanna know why they won, and he did so well?

I was wearing the same jeans I've worn each time he's won a game this baseball season. That's right. It was all me.

I'm such a good mom.


Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

Check out my latest. That's sure to get a few oddballs.

And, I say you are totally fine in the superstitions. It's part of sport. My hubby is terrible in football season. He burned a t-shirt as it caused a loss. And, good for you for the jeans.

Rockin Austin said...

Of COURSE it was the jeans...duh!?!

LunaNik said...

Oh hell yeah. It's all in the lucky jeans baby.

Karen said...

Bwahahaha! I'm so glad it was your jeans and not your lucky panties and bra set. Becuase that would be awkward to explain to your son.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

As the woman who refuses to change her blog template because the Pens are 7-1 since it's been up, I cannot say a word. So I'll just sit over here and figure out how I'm going to wear my lucky black Sidney Crosby jersey tomorrow night to the game when it's a white out.

Cecily R said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I LOVE that!! You are the best sidelines mom EVER.

Anonymous said...

Bwahahaha! Yes, it's the jeans. Seriously, you've kept track of the jeans you've been wearing all season? That means you can't gain any weight. That, or you'll have to turn that bag into a purse and carry it.

Darla said...


Happpy Mother's Day!

~blog hopping

Meg said...

You go girl! I believe in giving credit where credit is due (and in Fabreezing my jeans so I can wear them often).

Stop by and see the lyrics to my "Blame It On Your Mother' song.

Happy Mother's Day!