Sunday, June 22, 2008

Random Whining and Laughter

Productivity is highly overrated, in my opinion. And I am trying with every ounce of creativity in my body to persuade Coach to agree with that opinion. For while I've been unemployed now for three weeks (which, BTW?? Still sucks! HELLO??? Prospective employers who desperately need an employee who will work herself silly, treat your business like it was her own baby, and totally improve your bottom line? HIRE ME ALREADY, would you??), I have not done a single load of dishes (yes, they are still getting done; I'm just still forcing... I mean, persuading Jock to do them), the laundry remains in piles in my bedroom (clean, some of it folded; but none of it actually hanging in the closet or put in the drawers), the dogs haven't been bathed with anything beyond the misters in their kennel (c'mon.. they're lazy and have not been outside much to get dirty!), and the dust on my shelves and large electrical amusement activities is now at least an inch deeper.

Wow. I totally suck at this Stay At Home thing, don't I?

On the other hand, I have gotten to spend a lot more time with my boys. I was able to spend their birthdays with them, which I haven't been able to do in a few years. I've been able to devote a ridiculously HUGE amount of time the the Little League, coordinating and supervising the All Star tournament (two more days... two more days... two more days....). I've also gotten to reacquaint myself with how positively peaceful the grocery store is in the middle of the week.

I still want to go back to work. Soon. Very, very soon. Please? Pretty please?


Bug was spending the night a couple of days ago at his grandma's house. He loves to hang out there, and conveniently enough... Mama G loves to have him over! After some time spent playing in the pool (I think... it might have been BEFORE he went swimming. I wasn't there, and I think I missed that part of the story when Mama G was telling me later), he asked Grandma to make him a burrito. With beans, cheese and chicken. And yes, I know it sounds a little strange. However, this is the kid who also once had Subway make him a sandwich with pepperoni, black olives, lettuce, ranch dressing, roast beef and bacon. Chicken and beans was nothing compared to that. So he got in her pantry to pull out a can of chicken, and handed it to her. Without really looking at it, she started to open it. And thought it smelled kinda funny. Which made her actually look at the can.

G'ma: Um.... Bug? This isn't chicken.
Bug: It's not?
G'ma: Um, no. It's tuna.
Bug: Really? But the can said "Chicken of the Sea"!

Yeah. Jessica Simpson has nothing on my boy.


Crazymamaof6 said...

that is TOO FUNNY! about the chicken of the sea! so did she make him have tuna in his burrito?

bummer on no job yet. hey don't feel bad about not being productive, I'm not either, and i stay home all the time.

Flea said...

Heh. LOVE the Jessica Simpson reference. :)

Stella said...

After I swallowed my vomit, I laughed! Too funny!!

Keeping my fingers crossed for a job!!

Cecily R said...

Now that is just FANTASTIC. I could tell it was coming and I still laughed myself silly. Partly because it's just plain funny and partly because I can just see either one of my kids making the same mistake...

Melissa said...

That's classic. Now I have that old jingle in my mind. Thanks for that. :)

Karen said...

So did he eat it? Tuna and beans could be the newest sensation.