Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Year Has Started....Am I Excited Yet?

It's been an interesting few days. Equal parts good interesting and sarcastic interesting. I could let you decide what you wanted to hear about, but I fear that would only lead to my endless whining about the sarcastic interesting. So, let's you and I just discuss the good interesting, ok?

Hush. It's what you're getting, so pouting about it won't help you. Really, enough with the puppy eyes. I can't see you anyway. And? Those are only effective if I'm either married to you or gave birth to you. And if I'm somehow married to you, and you aren't Coach, and you are just now seeing fit to come forward to tell me? You had better be able to buy Jock that Dodge Charger he's had his eye on for his 16th birthday. Otherwise, please just stay hidden until you feel you can pay for college.

So I'm not sure if you've noticed or not, but New Year's Eve came and went. It left behind a new year to try to do something with, too. While I try to figure out what to do with the mess the old year left, and worry about how I'm going to dress up the new one, would you like to hear some more about my kids? Of course you would.

As you may or may not know, Jock has a girlfriend. This one has been around for almost a month, I think. Long enough to have gotten a Christmas gift, so at least since the beginning of December. Which you would know if you had been paying attention. Anyway..... since it really looks like she'll be here a while, I need to give her a blog name. And I'm drawing a complete and total blank here. Let me tell you a little about her. That way, if by the end of this post I'm still clueless, you all can make suggestions!

The Girlfriend is in the same year as Jock, so that's a plus. She's also about three months older than him, and I think that's cute. BOTH of her parents are officers with the Sheriff's department out here, which I also think is a good thing. She's the oldest of 5, with three younger sisters and a baby brother. She's also a cute little brunette that Coach thinks bears a resemblance to his girlfriend from high school. Which? I'm pretty sure I'm not thinking is so cute or a good thing. But I suppose that's an entirely different post, isn't it?

So The Girlfriend came and hung out with us on NYE. We had to have her home by 11, but that was ok. When we went to pick her up, Coach and I went up to the door with Jock. As I explained to him, I was pretty sure her parents would want to meet the people who were taking their daughter. Jock's only complaint, his only embarrassment, was my toe socks. I'm not sure if it was the fact that I was wearing them with flip flops (I was planning on just wandering around in them when we got to Mama G's, and there is that pesky law that requires shoes when driving.), or just that I was wearing them, period. Who cared? They were comfy.

We met The Girlfriend's mom, whom I got along with fantastically, by the way. And off we went. Got to Mama G's where the poor girl was subjected to the entire family. We were nice, and let her and Jock sit out on the back patio for most of the night, where the kids weren't constantly climbing in Jock's lap. Although we did keep checking to make sure NO ONE was doing any lap climbing. Coach and Bug were having a splendid time peeking out the window at them. Every two minutes.

Then it came time for dinner. We had grilled some steaks, and The Girlfriend got one of her own. We weren't going to make her share! This is where she amazed Jock. Amazed all the guys present, actually. She ate her entire steak. In roughly 2.6 minutes flat. Ok, so maybe not that fast. But she certainly didn't play with it or push it around her plate. This? Is awesome news, folks. This means she has a much greater chance of not being so high maintenance. She is not self-conscious about eating in front of him. I? Am thrilled.

And then we took her home. Fast forward to Saturday night, and Jock was invited to come spend the evening at her house. Getting to know her parents. Now, Jock says he wasn't worried about this event at all. Personally, I think he was. He's met plenty of moms before, and charmed each and every one. But he had NEVER met a dad before. As you all know, meeting the dad is a pretty darn big deal. Add to that the fact that dad is a cop. And a dad to four girls. You can certainly see the potential for some serious grilling, right? Especially as my boy is so cute and charming to anything with extra estrogen.

Apparently, dad was ok with him. So ok, that he left them alone to watch a movie. (Although it would seem that they kept some space between them..... just in case he popped in.) And so ok, in fact, that the last hour or so of the evening was spent with the two of them, Jock and The Girlfriend's dad, playing pool with each other. And talking about Jock's very sincere interest in becoming a law enforcement officer after school (you know, if the whole football career thing doesn't work out.).

I'm left to assume that not only can he charm moms, but he can impress dads. Is this good? From certain standpoints, I'd say yes. However, it means that as long as he keeps impressing them, their daughters will continue to want my son.

So to recap: We met (finally!) The Girlfriend. We like her (even if I still can't think of a good blog name for her). Her parents met (finally!) Jock. They like him. He can apparently charm police officer fathers of cute teenage daughters. And I can apparently deliver both the good and the sarcasm simultaneously.

Plus, I still have really great hair.


Crazymamaof6 said...

i think you should name the girlfriend "carnivore"!
meat eater!
and a whole steak in front of people! impressive!
sounds like an eventful week. and WOW!
that's good he can charm the dad too.
imagine the inconvenience if it didn't work on dad's too? there would be drama.

way to go divulging both the good and the sarcastic. you've got a knack!

Flea said...

You have really great hair. :)

She sounds like a keeper, girlfriend. No name pops to mind. Sorry.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

The parents are cops? She's a keeper!!


Burgh Baby said...

Wait. You LIKE wearing toe socks? Cause I think they are a very special form of torture. A form of torture where my tootsies feel like they are being suffocated and separated and UGH! Hate them!

Kidzmama said...

I should have commented earlier about the hair, but the past two weeks are a blur. Fabulous hair! I love it that length.

Yay for the nice, self confident girlfriend. I'm sure being the oldest of five gives her some extra responsibility. A name, hmmm, can't think of one now, maybe later.

Toe socks? Never owned a pair. I could, as long as they weren't those rainbow ones.

I am Boymom said...

Laughing at Burgh Baby's toe sock issues! I thought I was the only one who couldn't do toe socks! Sounds like Girlfriend is blending in well, I am so not ready to deal with the whole girlfriend issue yet. It's a good thing my boys are still in the not caring about girls phase. I have a few more years to prepare. I love your hair!

Huckdoll said...

My absolute FAVORITE ex-girlfriend of my brothers is the one my Dad gave a huge steak to, she ate it all before all of us and exclaimed, "I cannot believe I ate the whole thing" with a smile on her face. It was magical!! My bro is a real food guy, so it was instant love! She turned out to be a psycho like all of his girlfriends but that's another comment ;)

My least favorite girlfriend of his was the one who a) we all went out to a fancy restaurant and she ordered a salad, ate three bites and pushed it aside and b) at Christmas Eve, my Dad set out his famous prime rib and all the fixings and we caught her feeding the DOG my Dad's meal under the table!! Ugh, ugh, ugh.

Haha...don't you love how I judge his girlfriends by what they eat and don't eat?

That was an AWESOME post. I love when you're a bit snarky!! said...

You need to call her Tator. Cause she's a meat and potatoes kinda gal. That's a good thing. And, I'm glad you like her and that her parents like Jock. Are you alive? You've been hiding.

melissa said...

gee...your hair looks terrific!!
i'm not looking forward to the days when my kids start bringing members of the opposite sex around. not. at. all!!

4funboys said...

love the hair...

girlfriends-- thank GOD my boys are still too young!

T said...

I think sticking with "the girlfriend" should be sufficient until they've at least made it 6 months (boy, by THOSE standards it's a good thing my mom wasn't a blogger!)

and yes, you have great hair :)

Aimee said...

you should call her cupcake. Because cupcakes are cute. that's all.

And also - wearing toe socks with flip flops is awesome (if you're trying to embarrass your kid!) hehe.

Karen said...

HeeHee - you and Becky would get along so well. She has an unholy love of toe socks. Are yours the fun striped variety?

But that's all I'm saying in the positive note. Dude. Your boy has a serious girl? And it's not mine?! I don't wanna hear how he's charming parents and how cute she is. I wanna hear how you're planning to keep them as friends only for quite a while.

Rockin Austin said...

Okay, I had a really cool comment and silly Blogger had issues. In re-cap...I like "The Girlfriend" simple. And I love the hair (again) and think you always look fabulous. There, in a nutshell...