Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Missed It By THAT Much......

Roughly six years or so ago, Coach and I made the decision (aided somewhat by some medical opinions we valued, and by the fact that my body was very adamantly and aggressively recommending a particular course of action) to ensure that we could have no more children. Well, we ensured that he and I together could have no more, and that I could have no more with another man, should that be a chosen route in the future. Coach, being the forward thinking man that he is, left himself the option for future children with another, less likely to be perfect for him, woman.

In plain speaking, that means that a little over 6 years ago, I had a hysterectomy. I was absolutely, positively 100% ok with that decision. After all, it wasn't like my body was giving me any real choice in the matter. (And since I'm not sure I really want to risk losing the three of you that still read my blog, I'll go into no further details of that other than to say that had I chosen to retain my silly little uterus, I would have begun a very painful journey to constant misery, followed up by probable non-existence in the event we ever got pregnant again. Really, it was a no-brainer choice on my part.) Oh sure, when I was younger and in the earlier years of our marriage, I wanted at least 3 kids. (Ok, really I grew up thinking I wanted six.) And in my heart of hearts I always kind of wanted a little girl for Coach to spoil, and for me to actually get to teach things to. You know, growing up kinds of things. But overall, stopping with the two boys was a good decision.

Coach had said from the very beginning that he only wanted two boys. He knew, just knew, that each of our pregnancies were boys. Having turned out that way, let me tell you that it gave him a fairly big head that I've had to poke with a pair of scissors to deflate occasionally. But he was happy having two boys, and claims no desire to have a daughter.

Until recently. When he made a comment in the grocery store that just about had him walking home that day.

We were walking down the family planning aisle, and he oh-so-casually mentions that he wishes I could get pregnant again. I'm busy thinking that I'd be ok with that, too, as that would have meant a botched surgery all those years ago; and a botched surgery would have meant I'd have a killer medical malpractice lawsuit that I could actually win! *sigh* Sadly, he followed his original comment up with the following statement:

I'd really like to have a daughter, you know?

I stopped right in the middle of the aisle and turned and looked at him. (Sometimes I genuinely believe that man lives ... lives, I tell you!... to burst my bubble. Repeatedly.) I'm relatively positive that I looked like one of those wall-mounted fish, just staring at him with my mouth wide open. All I could do was stand there.

And the fish look? Was wasted on him, since he never even looked at me, just kept moving on down the aisle. If I'd have had any canned goods in that cart, I think I might be a widow right about now.


Cecily R said...

Sooooooo, was he joking or not? Holy crap!

I'm glad you didn't have any canned goods by the way...I like Coach.

T said...

you know, almost anything is throw-able when it comes to it... and even better when it isn't heavy enough to be considered a lethal weapon.

I've got the boys AND the girls... and let me tell you girl - with picture day at school yesterday - it's not such a perk!

Someday Coach can have grand-daughters... all the cute without any of the sass and fuss :)

So, from one "I'm so done with the whole pregnancy thing" mom to another - kudos for not committing homicide, but definitely stop walking down family planning aisles in the grocery store! (seriously - no such aisle in MY store....)

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Post hysterectomy gal myself...but I'm the one that John wants to throw things at!! I am always saying I wish we could have another one! (but secretly I think I say that cuz I know it cant happen!)


becky @ misspriss said...

Oh yeah, I think I'd be lobbing canned goods, too!

Rockin Austin said...

Okay, so at LEAST 5 readers still my dear. :)

It's Me! Boymom! said...

6 readers! 2 is more than i can handle most days, I definitely knew my limit and pregnancy was so not my thing. Every once in awhile my husband opens his mouth and something ridiculous comes out. I have found that slip on shoes are quite aerodynamic and fairly accurate!

Crazymamaof6 said...

holy crap!
guys are morons sometimes.
and girls? sure they are fun to dress, but other than that? with the screeching and drama. boys are way better.

the granddaughter comment was genius.

just not too soon! ya know?

it's been forever. sorry. how are you doing?

Sarah said...

I would've had to kill him. You truly showed incredible restraint. My Mom hat's off to you, my dear.