Thursday, March 5, 2009

Motherhood....Kicked Up A Notch

So while I know I've had kids for going on sixteen years now, apparently I was never quite a "mom" before. Or maybe it's just that there are various stages of "mom-ness"? I think that might be it. And I reached a new one on Monday night.

Jock had his first baseball game of the season on Monday afternoon. Now, I'm not going to criticize the school or wonder (too loudly) why the heck someone decided it was a good idea to schedule a game...on a school night... at a school that is FOUR HOURS AWAY. However, regardless of the fact that this meant that the team would be leaving school BEFORE LUNCH that day, and scheduled to get home AFTER BEDTIME that night, we were still excited about the first game. (Which, sadly, as it was so far away, we had to miss. It's the one game of this season that there was just no way we could go to. One more reason to feel like such an imposter [spellcheck says that's spelled wrong, but the correct spelling--impostor--looks wrong to me. Pick the one you want, and read it that way, please] at this motherhood thing.)

This excitement lasted right up until I got a text message from Jock about 9:45 pm.

Well, the bus broke down.

Yeah, you read that right. The stupid bus broke down. And they were still two hours away from home. So I asked him to keep me informed about what was going on, and what the school was doing. Which he did, at regular intervals. All.Night.Long.

10:30... They're sending a new bus and telling us we'll be home about 12:30. Or so.
11:30... New time. About 2 am.
12:15... Still no bus.
1:10.... Finally loaded us on the new bus. Be home in a couple of hours.
3:04... We'll be at the school in about 15 minutes. Come and get me please.

So I put my shoes and jacket on, and headed out to the school. I beat the bus there by about 10 minutes, and when it pulled in and Jock got off, he walked up to my window and just said

I'm really tired, Mom.

I know, baby. Get in and I'll get you home.

Turns out Monday night was my introduction to the next stage of mom-hood. For despite the fact that I had to get up for work at 6 in the morning; despite the fact that I tried laying down both on the sofa AND in my bed.... I simply could not get to sleep. At all.

I tossed. I turned. I repeatedly smacked Coach, as he just happened to be laying (snoring away, the pukeface!) next to me as I flopped over. Nothing worked. I just couldn't keep my eyes closed, knowing my boy wasn't home and that not only did I not know just when he'd be home, I had no idea just where he even was!

Apparently, I will have no problems waiting up for him when he starts dating. And next year, when we once again do this stupid baseball game with this particular school? I am sooo going to be there.


Cecily R said...

I highly doubt I'll have trouble with that whole waiting up thing either...Jon will be like Coach. Snoring away. Pukeface.

Flea said...

Oh my. You poor thing. I hadn't given much thought to this stage of motherhood either. I just figured it wouldn't bother me much. But I can see now how wrong I was. Get some rest this weekend!

T said...

at least your "next stage" of not knowing when he'll be home doesn't include not knowing who he's with and what he's doing right????

hope you can catch up on your rest this weekend!

It's Me! Boymom! said... oldest is 9 and I have wondered many times how I am going to handle the whole teenage night out thing. Thanks for the prep, now I have a reasonable idea of how tired I will be during those years! Hope you get to sleep late Sunday morning!

It's Me! Boymom! said...
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T said...

you KNOW you have to admit to the birthday so that we can all wish you a happy one right?