Monday, March 30, 2009

Sunburns and Sacrifices

If further proof is needed concerning what a bonehead I am when it comes to the sun, you should ask for pictures of the sunburn I got Saturday at Opening Day for the Little League. My arms, right up to and including my shoulders (because, as a board? We thought it was brilliant to have the female board members wear sleeveless shirts), are a fantastically beautiful shade of red so deep and dark that it looks almost purple. This conveniently matches my calves and the inside of my ankles (because it makes perfect sense that the FRONT of my legs are still a blinding white, doesn't it?).

On a related note, spray on sunscreen is not kind to your hair. You really shouldn't use it on your scalp. Does anyone know of a good way to keep that part of your scalp that always shows, because you have to part it somewhere, right?, from getting burned so badly that you can't really brush it well?

Also on a related note? When your shoulders are burned so badly that you can't lift your arms even shoulder height? Shaving your armpits is an excrutiating experience.

Another potentially useful piece of information regarding sunburns? Ten year old boys find massive enjoyment in pressing fingers against their mother's arms, just to watch how quickly the white fingerprint will fade.

Apparently, you CAN acquire a sunburn through a buttonhole.


Opening Day was awesome! I'm hoping I can find some pictures from someone on the board who took some, because **news flash** I didn't. I was too busy being the center of attention. Which also shouldn't surprise anyone.

I was the official emcee, and I also sang the National Anthem. As an added bonus to my natural narcissm, one of the high school coaches asked if I'd be willing to sing at occasional school events. WooHoo!! That would bring me back full circle, since I used to sing the Anthem at school sporting events when I was in high school.

The day started for me at the buttcrack of dawn early time of 6:30 in the morning. It has always been my belief that mornings shouldn't start before noon, and that opinion didn't change this weekend. However, as I'm in this league for the kids, I just keep reminding myself that bright futures require sacrifices. And what kind of mother would I be if I wasn't willing to sacrifice my sleep so that I could remain involved with my boys?

Well, I'd be a well-rested mother, but we won't mention that mm'kay?


Karen said...

"Apparently, you CAN acquire a sunburn through a buttonhole."

I'm so sorry, but I'm laughing at your calamity over here.

Susie said...

Ok, I'll ask--pictures please! But I am confused, didn't you use sunscreen? Or was it one of those no sun kind of cool days where you think it's OK--'cuz those are the days when I totally burn myself.

At least you had a great opening day! and the sunburn will fade--not soon enough though right?

Kimberly said...

I like to revel in other's misfortunutes, well because its what I do...I can't stop giggling (even though I don't know you) about your unfortunate sunburn. Thanks for the laugh!

I Am Boymom said...

Ooooh! I have so been there, so I will only giggle lightly, due to the fact that it happened to YOU and not me, but I am hurting just a little bit for you. No remedy for the part in the hair...still working on that one.

By the way, this kind of sacrifice is the reason I nominated you on my blog. Stop by when you get a minute and pick up your award! (Don't worry, you will NOT have to lift your sunburned arms to pick it up!)

Shellie said...

I do the sunburn thing all the time too. Try a hat for the scalp. You are so awesome that you will get up so early on a weekend for your boys!!