Thursday, April 30, 2009


I know I talk about how wonderful my kids are. Frequently. Hey! That's my job as the mama, right? But occasionally, they actually prove it. I was talking to Jock yesterday afternoon, and let him know that I *finally* have a job interview scheduled for Friday. He grinned, and offered to call them for me.

Hey, could you PLEASE hire my mom? She's got two kids who need health insurance so that their dad doesn't follow through on his threat to keep them home from school until the Swine Flu passes over.

Wow. Thoughtful kid, huh? On a positive note, though? He wants to go to school. We'll just conveniently forget the fact that it's probably because he knows he'd have to clean his room if he was actually home for any significant period of time.


I've been unemployed now (again...) for three weeks. In all that time, the Housekeeping Fairies have yet to find me. My dishes have not learned how to wash themselves. And, although I think it adds more padding to the flooring, thereby increasing the safety level, the dog hair continues to resist all efforts to be consumed by the vacuum. Of course, it might be because I believe the vacuum is hiding in fear.

Any suggestions on getting my house clean, without actually having to do it myself? I think I dread housework more than I dread drinking Arizona tap water. And that's saying something.


One more month of school left. For most parents, that implies that you have one more month of getting up early; one more month before you get to sleep in just a little bit. Not so here in the SportsMama's locker room. We have one more month before I have to start getting up an hour and a half EARLIER.

The summer weights program for football starts as soon as school gets out. Each summer, the program is divided into three groups: Varsity, Junior Varsity and Freshman. Jock will be moving up to the Varsity team next year, so naturally he's going up to the Varsity weights group.

Which meets at 5:00 AM.

And he doesn't drive yet. I am so not amused.


T said...

there are two 5 AMs in the day? - I only knew about the PM variety...

Cecily R said...

Jinkies! 5 AM is just rude.

And when you figure out that whole thing about the house cleaning fairies will you PLEASE let me know? I've been begging for info on them and their flying monkey cousins for years now with no help.

We cleaning challenged sisters need to stick together!!

Karen said...

I've been a SAHM for 14 years now. I'm sad to report that the fairies avoid our home like the plague. I guess they figure I have nothing better to do with my time.