Friday, June 5, 2009

He Is His Father's Son

Remember this post? It's okay if you don't, I'll wait a minute while you catch up.'re back. Good. Trust me, it will all tie in together here in a minute.

It occurs to me often that Coach is, oh... stubborn. And as I think more on that, it further occurs to me that our children inherited that stubbornness. Most of the time this is proven by the battle of wills that I'm constantly taking cover from. However, occasionally I get good, solid proof that they are all busy thinking they're right (See? There's your tie-in!). Or trying to prove something. Either way it's the same thing.

Several days ago, Coach decreed that as penance for not picking up the living room to his standards, Jock would now have to not only make sure the floor was clear of all trash, stray socks and various shoes--none of which belonged to anyone other than the teenager; he would also have to vacuum the floor. And he didn't mean just running the vacuum around the furniture. Oh no. All pieces of furniture had to be moved and vacuumed under, then put back. Not about to be accused of once again not doing what he was told, Jock made sure to leave evidence of the completed job. (Here would be where I really, really wished I had some "before" pictures. Which, naturally, being the stellar snapper-of-all-possible-photographic-evidence that I am, I do not have. So try to imagine that my sofa and love seat sat at a 90 degree angle to each other, with a small end table between them, looking like a big "L", with the coffee table in front. Got it? Well, sorry. I tried.)

The stubborn yet clever teenager decided to alter the way he put the furniture back. It is now in a straight line across my living room. Dad would HAVE to acknowledge the chore well done, now, right? *sigh* You'd think so, wouldn't you? Coach, however, feels that Jock arranged the furniture the way he did simply to see what would be said about it, and if he'd be made to do it again. Correctly, this time. So, OF COURSE, he is determined to NOT say a blessed thing.

It has been over a week. We have since vacuumed again, at least around the furniture. And everything is STILL in a straight line across the back of my living room. And apparently we are conducting an experiment to see just how many dishes and other assorted stuff can fit on that end table before we clear it off.

*Please, just kindly ignore the proof of my superior housekeeping skillz. And don't tell Coach I shared them with you, okay? Thankyousomuch!*

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Ryanne said...

That sounds like something I would have done as a teenager, only I am sure my Da would have said something! Just remember sometimes a bit of stubbornness is a good thing!

Wayne said...

you guys room is so big

great photo friday

I Am Boymom said...

Oh my gosh...that is sooooo my oldest and my husband in action. My husband is laughing right now as I show him this post.
Him: "I would have done the same thing as Jock."
Me: "What do you mean would have? You do that kind of crap all the time now!"
Him: "I know." Lets out evil laugh as he walks into the kitchen.
Me: "You are such an "a**." Him: "That would be stubborn a** to you."
Me: Point made, done with conversation.

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

That's funny!
If we'd have responded thus, it would not have been mentioned either.... but that would be because my mom was constantly re-arranging the furniture!

Flea said...

Hilarious! My Oatmeal Head would do the exact same thing. Except that dad would pull me into the bedroom and laugh before saying anything to the boy. :)

Shellie said...

Hee hee. Don't you just love how they take after dad? A lot of furniture gets re arranged around here too.