Friday, July 10, 2009

Apparently, Blog Fodder Outranks Privacy

So guess what?

Apparently, I've been blogging for almost two years. Yep. Two years. I know! It doesn't seem that long to me, either. I would never have imagined that I could be consistently creative for that long. On the other hand, my children are marvelous sources of creative material. And you realize that for every post I've written about something they've done or said, there are at least two or three other moments that I haven't blogged about?

Moments such as the one the other night when I got home late (again) from the ball fields, to find Bug laying in his bed waiting for me to get home before he'd turn out his lamp and go to sleep. Bit of background here: in addition to all of his myriad other challenges, Bug is also extremely sensitive to touch, and the way certain things feel to him. Consequently, he HATES having his fingernails clipped. When they are too short, everything feels weird on his fingertips. You wouldn't believe the agony his bedsheets become right after clipping his finger and toenails! (This hypersensitivity is also why he is NEVER found without socks on, unless he's in water. Seriously, it's eighty-bajillion degrees here in the summer, and the kid sleeps with his socks on.) Anyway, I caught a glimpse of his hands while I was laying next to him and talking about his day. Coach had taken him to meet his new "mental health practitioner", and so Bug was telling me about what they talked about. He told me that his dad had said that Bug and I both had a tendency (and yes, Bug used the word "tendency"....he has been displaying the most awesome vocabulary!) to speak so fast, and jump subjects so randomly, that it was hard for everyone else to keep up, but that we could finish each other's sentences and thoughts. After a moment's thought, I had to agree with him. And then I pointed out that he was going to have to cut his nails, as they were almost as long as mine were (see? Subject jump. Also some minor melodrama, but what the heck. It's how we communicate.). He started laughing, and told me "And that's another way we're alike, Mom. We're related through our fingernails!"

I ask you, is there any way possible to have NOT laughed at that? Especially when he managed to gasp out "Oh gawd... please don't put that in your blog!"

Sadly, I have discovered over the last almost two years that there are simply some things that I will not hesitate to deny my children.

Good blog fodder is absolutely one of those things.


Quick question, here. And then I'll let you get back to your regular, much more entertaining, blog hopping.

Would anyone like to see someone other than myself post here? I'm kind of curious to see what a guest-blogger would do with my little corner here. That, and I'd like to try to convince Coach that he should take an opportunity to express any opinion he might be having on any given day. Or maybe a fun Q & A with one (or both) of my boys?

Anyway, feedback on that one would be great!


Shellie said...

Cute, and not too awful to share. I think it would be most interesting to see things from the boys' and coachs' points of view.

Rockin Austin said...

Great idea!!! I think you should definitely have a "guest" blogger. Bug is so adorable...

Flea said...

That was awesome. And c'mon - I share about my daughter's crap tacos. How bad can it be?

As to guest blogging - I'm never as interested in a post if it's not the person hosting the blog. I know you. I'm interested in coming here to read about YOU.

That said, I did a couple of guest posts for MIT Mommy recently, but that was because she was away from internets for 3 weeks and nervous about losing her audience.

THAT said, I enjoy converting my Funny Bone Monday format for other people. Not too creative. It would be interesting to see what someone else would do with your blog. But I like YOU.

Cecily R said...

I lurve that Bug.

I've thought a lot about this subject myself...what should be left out of the blog. I am chomping at the bit, for example, to tell the story of the day Isaac discovered his 3.4 armpit hairs, but I haven't dared. Would it scar him for life if I made it a blog post?

As for guest posters, I say bring them on! Especially if you can get Coach to chime in every once in a while. If I got Jon to do it I might start watching for flying pigs or be worried that the world was about to end. Sigh.

T said...

I got ManOfTheHouse to guest post... once... about a year ago... can't convince him to do it again though!

you know we'd all read it of course, but nobody's tired of you, because we obviously keep comin' back!

Karen said...

I'm not a fan of guest bloggers. If I wanted to read someone else, I'd simply go to their blog. But someone from your family? That would be awesome. I'd read it gladly.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

John will ONLY blog once a year on my bday. No other time, EVER.

I'll read whatever you opt to post. I'm easy like that! :)


Iqra said...

Posts from your family would be interesting to read :)