Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pacific, Mountain, Central or Eastern

When Jock was 11 years old, he spent a couple of weeks at his uncle's house out of state. We spoke every night, and I got lots of I Love You's and I Miss You's from him each time. The calls would always happen about the same time every night, and we'd take turns calling each other. He would always be so excited, telling me about the new friends he was making, and all the fun stuff he was doing.

Then one night, about three or four days before Coach, Bug and I were going to drive out to get him, Jock called me for the second time that night. It was almost midnight, and he sounded so.... different than he had at any other phone call.

Me: Baby, what's wrong?
J: **pause, the kind where you can here the tears starting** N-n-n-nothing.
Me: Oh honey... are you crying? ('Cuz even mom's can stupidly state the obvious)
J: I just miss you. A lot. And I want to come home.

So after reassuring him that yes, we were STILL coming to get him in a couple of days, and that yes, he could call me WHENEVER he wanted to; he calmed down enough to hang up and go to bed. I don't think his aunt and uncle knew he was calling me, and that was okay. It was just between he and I. He missed his mom, and needed to hear that she missed him so much she couldn't wait to come and get him back. That was okay. His mom missed him, and needed to hear that he actually missed her, too.

Bug is now 11, and spends the night away from home quite a bit. Friends' houses, and often at Grandma's house. But every night, he calls to tell me he loves me. He's at Grandma's house tonight. The first call came at about 10pm. We just talked for about ten minutes or so, being silly. He informed me that he and I communicate well together, better than he communicates with anyone else! Then he asked me what time it was. When I told him that I didn't know, as I was in the laundry room, here's what I got:

B: Well, the clock here says it's 10:18, but I don't know what the time would be there since I'm not sure how far apart we are.
Me: (after a pause, and a good giggle) Dude, Gram's only 15 minutes away. We're in the same time zone.
B: Well, that makes sense, then. Good.

After another ten minutes or so, and quite a few I Love You's, we hung up. I kind of figured that was the last I'd hear until I saw him tomorrow night. Until my phone rang at 11:14pm.

B: Are you in bed? (Grandma in the background telling him that if I wasn't, I should be!)
Me: No; although Gram's right and I need to get there. What's up?
B: Just wanted to tell you that I didn't go to be earlier, but I am now, and wanted to tell you goodnight and I love you.

Jock doesn't call me anymore when he's away from home. He's 16, and I don't expect it. In fact, I think those two weeks he spent with his aunt and uncle might have been some of the last "miss you, Mom" phone calls. Oh, but I miss it, though. I know I won't have many more of these from Bug, either. But maybe, if I'm really lucky, even when he'll still call me occasionally as he grows.

Even if it's just to confirm I'm in the same time zone he is.


Flea said...

OMG. 15 minutes away and wondering about time zones. That is so my Little Guy. But my kids never call to say they love or miss me. In fact, they don't want to come home when they do sleepovers. Which I kinda like. We're totally different moms, you and I. Not that I don't love my kids and all ... :)

T said...

My two oldest (14 and 12) are going out of town with a youth conference this weekend... hmmm... I don't think I'll expect any of those calls either :)

Of course, the only time they've been away from us for any length my M.I.L. wouldn't let them talk to us claiming "they were all super busy" right then... when in actuality she wanted to make sure nobody told us that they were all fighting the flu... So we got to enjoy our one and only vacation away from the crowd guilt free.

(and yes, all the guilt was waiting for me when we returned!)

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

So sweet.