Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bits And Pieces

Why is it that the cordless phone is NEVER near it's base? I mean, I can NEVER find it without utilizing the "locate phone" feature. And the only person in this house who doesn't have a cell phone, so is the only one who uses the land line, ALWAYS claims it wasn't him.

Which totally explains why the phone is ALWAYS found in his room. Maybe I should just move the base??


I'm not entirely sure why we never seem to have enough hangers around here. The clothes seem to spend more time draped over the back of the sofa than on an actual hanger, anyway.


Apparently, randomly commenting to the room at large that you want something, but aren't quite sure what that something is; is code for "Please throw grapes at me".

At least, that's how the teenager interpreted it.


I may not be a very good cook, and my grocery cart may contain more "instant", "ready to eat", "simple one dish" things than a lot of other moms out there, but it seems I know enough to advise confused-looking married men sent to the grocery store by themselves, who end up in front of the produce asking any woman who slows down enough to get caught which is better: a regular nectarine or a white flash nectarine? And how do you pick them? And what, exactly, is "green, leafy lettuce", since that's what she told him to get and he's pretty sure that didn't just mean iceberg?


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