Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Confucius Say...

Guilty pleasure Number 482: Panda Express.

I admit it, I love me some Panda. (Okay, that just sounds all shades of wrong; but moving on.....) Despite the fact that I'm told repeatedly that Panda is "not REAL Chinese food". There is just something about the Orange Chicken and chow mien noodles that speaks to my soul. Granted, that conversation is translated by my stomach; but it is definitely between my soul and Panda. And although it may not be "real" Chinese food, I still love the fortune cookies that come with every meal. But have you noticed that these "fortunes" aren't really fortunes, so much as they are random personality assessments?

Occasionally, though, something that seems to offer some sort of guidance finds its way into my cookie.

On a recent I-know-I-shouldn't-have-but-it-was-so-good-and-I-NEEDED-it splurge, I found this fortune in my cookie:

Look towards the future. But not so far as to miss today.

Wow. How did Panda know I needed that reminder? Especially now, when Jock is looking at the homestretch of not being a kid anymore? We spend so much time trying to prepare him for his future that we lose sight of just letting him enjoy his now. I know that despite all of my pushing and prodding and not quite getting it right? I know that right now at this moment in time, I can actually say that my kid? Has his head on straight. He knows what he needs to do to graduate high school. He knows what he needs to do to get to college. He knows what he needs to do to enter the career path he's choosing for himself.

And? He's actually DOING those things. He's studying hard. He's asking for help. He's looking at all the alternatives to get to a single destination. He's remembering to take time to play.

With reminders like this being possible? I think I should splurge on Panda more often.


I Am Boymom said...

Every once in a while get aa good fortune too. One that speaks to a current dilemna I may be facing. But I am still waiting for the one that says "You shall recieve a large sum of money and it will be a sufficient amount to relieve all of your financial worries for the rest of your life and you will make really wise choices in how you use that money and it will greatly bless your life and the lives of your descendants." Or something like that.

In the meantime, it is nice to get a reminder that we need to slow down and enjoy our kids, wherever they are at in their development. Even when my boys are hard to deal with, there are still moments of true joy to share with them...I need to be better about finding and enjoying those moments.

Jason said...

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Flea said...

Oh man. I've been craving Chinese food all the freakin' time lately. What is UP with that? I could seriously eat some right now. And later tonight. And tomorrow ...

Rockin Austin said...

Duuuuuuddde-uh. I love me some Panda too, and I don't care how that sounds! The orange chx with the noodles - hands down fav! (It's a super good hangover cure as well...shhh...don't tell anyone I drink.)

Cecily R said...

AAAAAAAnd, now I want me some Panda Express. Darn you SM!

I never get good fortunes. Even with "in bed" tacked on they are always laaaaaame.

Iqra said...

I think that the reason fortunes work are because they contain thoughts/advice that is true for almost everyone, so that the maximum number of people will be able to relate to it. I can relate to this one. The future is so uncertain but worrying about it takes the pleasure out of the present.