Sunday, October 11, 2009

Gotta Wonder Where These Boys Get It

It's October, as I'm sure you're all aware. It's the month when high school fall sports are in full swing, and a good chunk of the student body turns out for football games. It's also the month (usually) when most schools hold their Homecoming celebrations.

I LOVED Homecoming every year. Everything about it. The decorations, the shopping for the perfect dress and matching shoes, getting my hair done. I was lucky each year that I genuinely liked the boys I went to the dances with, and each year we had a fantastic time. Homecoming is one of my favorite memories from high school.

Which is probably why I just don't understand why my son won't go. It's not for lack of a date; there's no shortage of girls who would love to go with this boy. He just flat refuses to go. Each year, its almost like he purposely won't have a girlfriend, so he's not forced to take her. This year, there is actually a girl he really likes, that likes him in return. And he won't ask her out.

And when I asked him if he was holding off just so he wouldn't have to take her to Homecoming.... he just grinned at me. The schmuck.

He says he's talked to her about it. And she's still talking to him. As much as I love my kid, I have to wonder what she sees in him.


The other night, Coach was laying on the sofa watching TV. Bug had been sitting by me, doing a great job of acting like he was doing me a tremendous favor by letting me rub his back.

Suddenly, he got up and walked over to where his dad was laying and laid down next to him.

C: Bug... what are you doing?
B: Thought I'd lay here with you, Dad.
C: What? Are we..... cuddling?? (And yes, there was horror in his voice. I'm *almost* positive it was just for effect.)
B: Dad... it's a "man cuddle".

Coach busted out laughing, which set Bug off. And just as they got back under control, I had to ask

So, what? It's a ... muddle??

We laughed for a solid ten minutes. There were tears and tummy aches. It was awesome.


Tina said...

Brian ended up enjoying the time spent with his girl and friends but from EVERYone I spoke with about the actual dance, it was miserable. Everyone left as soon as possible which was 9:30. Good thing there were 15 friends that were miserable together.
Muddle- genius!

Iqra said...

"Muddle"--super cute!

I Am Boymom said...

I didn't go to Homecoming. It's a long story. Wish I would have though.

So glad my boys will still cuddle a bit. Even with dad. I'll have to tell him about the "muddle." Hilarious!