Friday, January 15, 2010

It's Always Been There

For as far back as I can remember, I have had a deep and intense love affair with the written word. I love to write it, and I love love love to read it.

I don't talk much about life before my mother married the dad who raised me, but perhaps the best thing that my biological father ever did was to read to me almost from the very beginning. That one act instilled in me a love of books that has lasted my entire life. Which has been awesome for me, and irritating for my husband.

I think he might be jealous they hold my attention longer than he can sometimes. Especially during a Redskins game.

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Big Mark 243 said...

Ugh! I cannot STAND the 'Skins and living outside of DC, I have to listen to so much stuff about them.

Sometimes I read stuff and I know that it doesn't seep in... but osmosis is wonderful!! I look up the words I don't know and find people who do know about the book, and talk with them. Great way to make friends.

As far as words themselves, the rule I have is that if you can use a word correctly three times in a sentence, it isn't a 'new' word, but yours! The trick is putting it in a conversation in context and not adding it superfluously.

Hayley @ When I Grow UP said...

Books--the greatest love affair I ever had. They never disappoint me. Never. Great post!!

Cecily R said...

Hahahahaha! In this my friend, we are SOOOOO the same.

And you are SO cute as a youngster!

Anonymous said...

I love books too and The Husband suffers from some jealousy over my time reading as well at times.

Karen said...

Yet another thing we have in commone. Or would that be two things?

Flea said...

Oh girl. I'm right there with ya. I've actually begun reading to Chris at night. He's not so jealous anymore, and he's beginning to understand how much I love books and why. Tis very cool, sharing the love.

Flea said...

Oh PS - I got a bodice ripper in the mail by accident awhile back. Laughed hysterically when I opened it and saw the bare chested man on the cover. Intended to hide it away forever, then decided to read it out loud to Chris one night. We laughed SO FREAKIN' HARD. I highly recommend it.

Anonymous said...
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