Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Recently Heard In My House

"Mom, I am so done with anything at my school. Except for friends. And classes. And sports."
"So, basically you're just done with GIRLS at your school."
"Yeah. Done. Absolutely done."

You have no idea how glad I am to hear this, for however long it may last. After the stress-ball that his life became when he and Mouse didn't work out, I am beyond ecstatic to hear that he is done with girls he goes to school with. Teenagers are very much of an "out of sight, out of mind" state of being, and not being in the same daily environment as someone he has just broken up with is just not something I can see as a bad thing.


Our larger dog has some sensitive digestive issues. Not generally a problem, but does sometimes generate some interesting household conversation. For example, the other night there was a mad rush to the patio door when everyone noticed that the dog had started sounding like a cat with a hairball. Once outside, after um... clearing his throat, my poor puppy headed over to the special potty place we set up for them outside. (Yes, my dogs are trained to only go in one area. The brilliant man I married actually designed a special potty kennel for them. It's awesome, and makes clean up a snap!) Where he proceeded to do his business.

When he came back inside, someone mentioned how much happier the dog looked. Which is when Bug piped up: Well, pooping always makes me happier, too.

He is definitely all boy. And all of his father's son. 100% honesty, with none of that pesky modesty to get in the way.


Flea said...

Awesome! Boys rock.

Maybelline asked me just last night if it was okay not to have a crush on anyone. You know what I answered. Dang, how lucky can a mama get?

Iqra said...

@ Flea: That is so adorable :)

@ blog post: Hahahaha @ what Bug said :)