Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Teenage Wit and Wisdom

The Teenager often has moments where he says something so blatantly ..... goofball, that I have to just smile and wonder if he's ever really going to grow up. On Sunday, we had this conversation:

J: Hey, Mother-of-mine?
Me: Well, I'm HIS mother, too (pointing at Bug)
J: This is true. However, I was here first and you were my mother first. So technically, I'm just sharing you with him.

But then, this Teenager will have moments where he shows just how much he's grown up while I wasn't looking. This bit? I snagged off of an English paper he wrote tonight on how he defines the American Dream:

"....it can come true if you feel like taking the time to achieve it. To achieve the American Dream that you want, you have to put your foot out and take some risks. You have to be able to expect blockades in life. To be able to succeed in life, you  first have to fail. Failing is not always a bad thing. It may not always be what you want, but failing and being able to move on is a whole lot better than succeeding and going nowhere in life."

And with those words, I know he gets it. He understands, at least on some level, what I have spent his whole life tryng to teach him. Better yet? He believes it. And he believes in himself.

Which completely makes me realize that MY definition of the American Dream? That definition that has me witnessing my children succeeding in life where I haven't? Is absolutely within my grasp.

I might do okay at this mom thing, yet.

*We are ignoring his grammar, and focusing on content. Making sure he has meaningful content is part of my job. Correcting grammar and overuse of some words? Totally his teacher's job. Do you see the brilliance of this kid? He is providing job security to different people on different levels. Well, he is if I say so. And I say so.


Big Mark 243 said...

Yeah, I wasn't 'reading' this as a school teacher but as a parent. You have to feel proud knowing that kind of potential is in him.

Oh, as the oldest of five, I agree with your son. All the sibs 'borrowed' Mom. She was mine first, as I am hers!

Flea said...

Bwahahaha! What a wonderful thing, to have a child who gets the concept of success, and provides job security for others! Truly brilliant. :)

T said...

yep - the content rocks! (and the literacy tutor in me is SHUTTING it - without a problem actually)

Iqra said...

"Failing and being able to move on is a whole lot better than succeeding and going nowhere in life."

Amazing line.