Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Dozen Blessings

A dozen doesn't seem like a lot, when you think about it. A dozen donuts? Gone in less than an hour when you bring them into the office. A dozen roses? The petals start falling off almost before you have a chance to change the water in the vase even one time. A dozen years, though? How much can be packed into a dozen years?

There are celebrations over the little things...... sleeping through the night for the first time, the first bowl of that nasty as all heck rice cereal, the first smile, the first smile NOT caused by gas, first words, first steps, first hugs.

There are celebrations over the big things...... the first day of kindergarten, the first solo bike ride, the first night sleeping away from home, the first time sleeping away from home and not calling at midnight and again at 2am.

There's all those things that get lost somewhere in between celebrations...... homework, baseball games, braces, and musical tastes that mature from Veggie Tales to ....well, something clearly NOT Veggie Tales. There are goodnight hugs, See ya later! kisses, and I'll be back soon! waves as you walk out the door. The nightmares that push you to crawl into bed beside me, and the I'm too old for this now feelings that force you back to your bed after what seems like only a split second that I got to hold and comfort you.

There are the tears you come to me with, the hurt feelings when someone has been unkind. The outrage over some perceived injustice. The angst over yet another thing done unfairly only to you.

(There's also jock itch and puberty questions, but maybe sometimes we let Dad field those so he knows he's a part of our little team, too!)

Twelve years holds so very much, and yet it passes in less than a blink of an eye.  Yesterday, you were my roly poly little blue-eyed baby boy. Today, you're my almost taller than me string bean blue-eyed young man.  I miss that baby, but I am so looking forward to watching you become a man others seek out and gravitate to.

Twelve years ago today, I was given the most amazingly perfect gift. A gift that has taught me patience, tolerance, forgiveness, open mindedness and what true unconditional love is.  A gift that brings a smile to my face and constant joy to my heart.  I'm still not sure what God was thinking when He put you into my care.... but then again, I believe that He knew EXACTLY what He was thinking when He put ME into YOUR care.

Happy birthday, Bug. I love you so much.  


Burgh Baby said...

*wipes tear*

Happy birthday, Bug!

Karen said...

Happy birthday, Bug!

T said...

So Sweet! of course, I still like Veggie Tales music :)