Sunday, August 15, 2010

I Really Need To Stop Blinking

It occurs to me that at some point in the last few months, my baby has been growing up behind my back. Or right in front of my eyes and I've just not been nearly as observant as I've always given myself credit for being. It sounds much better to say that he's been doing this whole growing up thing in a very sneaky manner.

Bug had a girlfriend. A real one who made demands on his time and attention, not just someone he liked who maybe liked him back. No, this girl held enough sway over my baby that when she told him he wasn't paying enough attention to her, he started to question himself.  Which prompted a super-secret conversation in his room one night, that I was sworn never to tell dad or his brother about. He needed to be reassured that it was okay to be his own person, hang out with his friends, and know that those actions did not make him a "bad boyfriend". Naturally, that is exactly what I told him. I also told him that at his age, there was no such thing as a bad boyfriend or girlfriend. Just that maybe someone was the WRONG boyfriend or girlfriend for someone else. Because the RIGHT one? Would have no double standard about hanging out with friends and the amount of attention given to anyone.

That little practice relationship lasted one more week. Apparently, she broke up with him yesterday. Which prompted this reaction from him:

I took it fine, but girls are difficult to understand. I'm not goin' to have a girlfriend 'til I'm in high school.  But in my guts, I'm kinda sad.

Damn you, hormones. You were supposed to give me a little more time before you took over this child. You won the battle with me over the Teenager.....why couldn't you leave me my baby for just a little bit longer?

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