Thursday, November 4, 2010

Random Rocks...Like Music, Not Actual Stones.

Since I began having children (listen to me, sounding like I'm trying to give the Duggars a run for their money...haha!), I've noticed a lot of randomness. Random items left around my house, random things to see in the world that were never noticed before, and random things both said and heard.  I've decided that random is good. Random is funny. Random is.....well, it just is.

For instance, I notice an awful lot of random articles of clothing in my house. Or more accurately, clothing left in random places. T-shirts stuffed in the sofa cushions. Socks (non-matching, incidentally) under the coffee table. Baseball cleats in the bathroom. Shorts in the garage. Belts in my truck. (And while that may not technically be my house, we spend nearly enough time there to call it a vacation home and use it as a tax write off.)  See? Random.

I also find great joy and amusement in the random verbal vomit that often spews out of my children. Take the other night. My loving children and doting husband had taken a quiet moment to find out what I would like for Christmas. (Read: I had to raise my voice to be heard over the football game and the clowning around to take an opportunity to make sure they knew that I did not really want another set of towels--lovely though they were--this year.)  So when I said, "Okay guys, know what I really really want this year?" and Bug, with no warning whatsoever, looks up and shouts "CHICKEN!!!".... well, we all laughed until we cried and our bellies cramped up.

For the record, I do NOT want chicken this year for Christmas, either. Unless it comes disguised as a nice dinner out at a restaurant that doesn't shove what may or may not actually be chicken inside a soft flour tortilla, throw in a drink and chips and call it a "combo" meal. Oh, and it should include an after dinner treat of my very own copy of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and a B52's CD.


Big Mark 243 said...

What B 52 cd would you like? Along with Devo, they were among my fave bands in junior high/high school.

I am glad that you have a blog. It is real, whimsical without being sappy or overly sentimental.

That sometimes I envy your stories is a good thing. I need to be aware of what I lost by my choices so that I can strive to make better ones in my future.

Take care and enjoy the randomness of love!!

Karen said...

Random does rock. It's made life a whole lot more interesting, and I'd not go back to boring for anything.

LunaNik said...

My hubs drives me crazy with his random laundry drops throughout my home. I couldn't imagine having to yell at three males to pick up their laundry. But, it sounds like you take it all with a grain of salt. Bravo to you for not throwing every piece of their dirty laundry in the trash.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

This is a very sweet post!

And if you do get a chicken dinner, then I hope it's Popeye's spicy recipe chicken, because I wish you nothing but the best.

Iqra said...

Haha. I can imagine the moment. Randomness makes life worthwhile.

Flea said...


A friend of ours threatens to dumps a crate of chickens in our backyard someday. He thinks it would be funny to hear that we sat down to breakfast only to see chickens in the backyard.

I think it would be funny to let the dogs out before anyone is really awake only to see torn up chickens all over the backyard. Not.

Sorry. Chickens and the random ADD mind.

Burgh Baby said...

Miss you. :-)