Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Awesome. Just Awesome.

  • Check in at the Greyhound satellite terminal located about 25 minutes from our house. 
  • Find out that this trip includes a four hour layover. At a terminal located only an additional 20 minutes from our house.
  • Get on the stupid bus anyway, because that's how transportation was arranged and there was no way to just skip this step and catch up with the bus in four and a half hours.
  • Finally, after hanging out for hours at the second terminal, get started on the road!
  • Thirty minutes later, wouldn't you know it? The A/C on the bus pukes out. Can't be fixed quickly, so onward it rolls; no air. For the remaining seven hours of the trip.

And that, my friends? Is how Coach began this new adventure he's on. This adventure called A NEW JOB!!!  Yes, after two years of being unemployed, my man is working again!!!  This bus ride took him to three weeks of training, for a job that will have him gone wayyyy more than he's home. But....A JOB!! There are times and situations in life that you just have to deal with something sucky because it gets you to other things that aren't sucky. This is one of them. Coach not home=sucky. Being able to afford things like graduation (ugh--there's that word again!), gas for the car and air conditioning for the house in the hotter-than-the-fires-of-hell summer of Arizona=NOT sucky.  So? We deal.

Big big BIG thank yous to everyone of you who prayed for us, kept your fingers crossed, sent positive energy our way, and danced naked under the moon. It paid off, and means more to us than you'll ever know.

I'd say let's all stop with the naked moon dancing now, except I've found it's rather enjoyable. I might, however, save it for those four nights a month Coach will actually be home.

This was taken ON the craptastic bus ride. Looks like fun, right?


T said...

huge YAY for employed husbands! (with a teensy little boo for only 4 nights a month at home...)

Burgh Baby said...

Wooooooo! While it doesn't sound like the ideal job, it's a job! It's a start! Woooooo!

Sherry said...

Wooohoooo on the new job!!!

Karen said...

Congrats to you all! A job is a good thing.

Dancing naked in the moonlight, however, did not happen at my house. I rely solely on prayers. They're effective. Naked dancing would only result in people running and screaming.