Saturday, August 6, 2011

They Pretty Much Have Me Wrapped Around Their Fingers.....And They Know It

I had it all planned out.  The Teenager was going to be out until late. Bug was spending the night at a friend's house. I was deciding between a few different things for dinner, and taking my time about it since it was just me. I was going to rent a movie; most likely one of the chick flicks that I've been wanting to see but never get to, living as I do in the House of Testosterone.  It was going to be a fairly close to perfect night.

So, naturally, when I answered my phone the first question I heard was, "Hey, Mom... can (insert any random Friend in's always the same question, only the names change) spend the night?"

Well, damn, I thought. There goes my night. Now I'll have to feed someone other than myself, and they will most likely take over my living room, playing some stupid StalkShootKill game, leaving me in the den with that stupid TV that I can't enjoy a movie on even if we did have a DVD player in there. I could just say no.....

And I was right. I *could* just say no. Any bets on what I actually did say? No? Yeah, that's cuz you all know I'm a big sucker. Of course I said yes.

Because while I might complain about being stuck in the den with the TV that turns all pictures a lovely shade of orangey-yellow, I can't help but remember one little fact about myself.

I'm a procrastinator. And what I'm putting off til tomorrow is Empty Nest Syndrome. 

So, yes. They can have their friends stay the night. They can play those stupid video games. They can even beg me NOT to make spaghetti, just because it sounds good to me. They can disrupt my quiet evening as much as they think they're able to. That's right. Bring on the noise!

Because I'm just not ready to face every weekend without it yet.

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