Saturday, August 25, 2007

Have You Ever.....

.... just wanted to let someone know that you are fully aware that they don't like you, that you know not only that they are talking about you behind your back but every hurtful thing they are saying? *sigh*

Remember my mention of The Other Person? The person more commonly referred to by the Coach as The Twit? Now, I know. That's not any nicer than some of the stuff being said about me. My only saving grace here is that I'm not mentioning names. I'm even going to try (really, really hard) not to give enough details that you'll be able to figure out who it is. Although, truthfully... enough people know about both sides of this story (well, one side of it at least--depending on who's doing the telling) to probably be able to make a pretty good guess. However, I'm still going to stick to my guns and not actually tell anyone. (Really, you have no idea how much you should appreciate that!)

But in the interest of saving someone else from what I'm going through, I'm offering some suggestions on how to treat someone you don't particularly like, but have to deal with on a fairly regular basis:

1) Don't ... not EVER... no matter how great the temptation or how justified you think you might be simply because you CAN.... don't refer to something that they enjoy as "low class" or "white trash". All comments like that do is make you look unfeeling, uncaring, and petty.

2) Just because your Significant Other doesn't like a certain activity, don't make the generalization that a person that DOES enjoy that activity is somehow less intelligent or not as "worthy" as your S.O.

3) Don't ever let yourself get sucked into being childish enough to say snarky things that you KNOW will eventually get back to the other person.

4) Even though you may be the one in better health, or better looking, or better hair for goodness' sake.... there is nothing in this world that gives you the right to be mean, vindictive and derogatory towards the other person. Ever. For any reason.

5) Remember that there is NEVER anything that actually makes you superior to someone. Reality is that you're just as low on the likability scale to someone else, and if you had to hear the things being said about you by that someone else, you'd be hurt, too.

6) All having more money makes you is able to indulge a few more whims and wishes. It doesn't make you smarter, a better money manager, or Judge of All Creation. It just means that you've never been in quite the same situation that forces someone to face that.

7) And really...... I'm pretty sure this one applies to most of us out there.... didn't your mother raise you to have more respect for people in general than that?

At least.... mine did. Which is why I really am NOT going to rat you out. Either to your face or behind your back. I'm just going to continue acting like it matters to me whether or not you answer me when I ask how you're doing.

Although, with any luck at all.... at some point the bitterness, meanness and just plain snottiness you continue to direct at me will come back and bite you on your itty-bitty spoiled-rotten butt!

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