Friday, August 24, 2007

What's In A Name?

....Apparently quite a bit! As I predicted, both boys are NOT happy with the names I've given them here. *sigh*

Jock thinks I should start calling him The Beast. He thinks that "jock" stereotypes too much, and doesn't grab his real personality. And "Beast" does? Huh.... well, maybe it does, at that. :) I'll have to think about that one.

And poor Bug. He REALLY hates this moniker. After he got over his initial upset that I'm talking about our lives to strangers, he's been unable to focus on anything BUT what to call himself here. You think I'm kidding? For the last 30 minutes he's been throwing out possibilities:

Bug: How about ..... Mac?
Me: No.... there's no reason to call you Mac.
(pause--for maybe 20 seconds)

Bug: How about Kenny?
Me: Why on earth would I call you Kenny?!? That's never been your name, and quite frankly its not even close.
(another--very short--pause)

Bug: How about Ken-Jai?
Me: WHAT?!?! Where did that one come from?

And so on.

So, in the interest of family harmony, I told both of them that I'd take their suggestions under advisement. No, really I would. Honest. Mom-promise. Ok. I even Pinkie Swore. (And everyone knows you can't break a pinkie promise!! The world as we know it will end or something.)

Any ideas? Looks like I'm open to suggestions......

Just please~~ nothing after something on the Cartoon Network.

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Amy said...

Poor Bug. I really think he is partial to a Ken like name.

I noticed that you have added me to your list of blogs. This is the first time I have seen my Blog name on another blog. I can't describe how happy this makes me!