Friday, September 7, 2007

Ahh... The Weekend Cometh...

Yep. Its Friday. Anyone else feelin' the urge to do the Happy Dance?

I'm halfway through my work day (which believe me.... is more of a relief and joy-inducing thought than you could possibly realize right at this moment), and we're headed into what should prove to be one of those busier-than-I-wanted-to-be-but-still-loved-every-minute-of-it weekend.

Tomorrow is The Bug's first football game of the season. He has been so stoked for this game! And Coach and I are excited that this is the first season in quite a few that we are able to both go to both boys' games! Every season past, both Jock and The Bug have had their games on Saturdays, so often they were scheduled too close together in time, and too far apart in distance, for us to both be at them. We'd have to split up, which was actually easier than you'd think since Coach has always been coaching one of the boys. I'd just go to the other one's game. No need to actually have to choose which parent went where, eliminating the "favorite son" issue. (You might not believe me, but that was actually one of the reasons why we decided to stop at two kids.... easier to split the duties that way!) Ahhh.... but this year.... we get to see all of them. With Jock's games on Wednesday nights, and Bug's games on Saturdays, this double scheduling is no longer a problem! WooHoo!!!! (again with the Happy Dance!)

Let me put in perspective for you how excited The Bug is about his game tomorrow.......

When he could have been fast asleep dreaming of whatever it is that 9 year old boys dream about (cars? dinosaurs? how many hot dogs they can stuff in their mouths before their moms start screaming like a banshee? Who knows?!?!), he was dreaming about the walk-through practice tonight. (That's where they walk through all of their plays, and really mentally focus on what tomorrow will bring.) My little Bug was dreaming about playing football. Making Coach proud (dreaming about that.... Coach actually doesn't know yet that Bug was dreaming these wonderful dreams of football, so we can' say for certain yet if he would be proud. Although its safe money to be that he would be!) . Blasting through the defensive line of the opposing team. Being carried off the field on the shoulders of the other players. (Ok.... I might have just taken some creative license with that last part of his dream. He didn't actually say that part was in there.) This game is all he can think about right now. Who he can invite to watch him play. What we're having for dinner afterwards to build back up his energy. (And yes, that's a real thought for this boy!) And finally.... please, please, please.... can we go to Dippin' Dots after the game??

And then you know that the pro football season has started, right? That means that not only does Coach turn into a football psycho coach, he's now going to be a football psycho fan. Oh... lucky me! Betcha all want one for yourselves, don't you? Well, hands off. I think I'm keeping him for a bit longer. :)

Unless I decide to hide at Dippin' Dots for the weekend......

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