Friday, September 14, 2007

Is It Still Running Away From Home ....

... if I'm the one who does the leaving? 'Cuz baby... I sooooo need outta here!

Its Friday, which means another round of Psycho City in my household. We've got another full weekend planned: football practice tonight (for Bug and Coach--but not me. I'll be running to the house to pick up a change of clothes for Jock ~since he couldn't seem to remember them this morning and he's going to the Varsity football game tonight after his practice~ and taking them to him at the school), birthday party for Coach's brother tomorrow afternoon, Bug's football game tomorrow night (there is the distinct possibility that after last week's game I'm putting an extra pillow or two into his helmet!), and a birthday party for my twin nieces on Sunday afternoon. At Chuck E. Cheese. Which is insanity in and of itself. **sidenote: I have not been there since Jock was a little boy.... and there's probably a good reason for that** And somewhere in there I will need to attempt the laundry (although, really.... how important are clean clothes??? I really don't want the girls to be any more attached to Jock than they need to be! Think if he smells bad they'll go away? Maybe?) and maybe even see what's shakin' at the grocery store. WooHoo. Fun times there.

Anyway... while I love spending time with everyone on the planet, and at every possible venue we can fit into a single weekend, there are times when I really just want to be all by my little lonesome. *sigh* But that's not in the cards for me. At least not this weekend. If I'm really lucky, Coach will let me watch Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure at some point. (I love that movie! I know... its meaningless, mindless drivel. Its stupid. Its not even -- at its most basic, at least-- a very good movie. But dudes... it totally makes me laugh until I pee my pants and takes me to my happy place! What's not to love about something that can do that?) And I might even be able to talk him into letting me pick up take out on my way home from work tonight (Really...that one's in his best interest, too... I'm somewhat of a lousy cook. I know! Shocking, since I excel in all the other motherly arts! LOL).

**Ok... another totally off subject sidebar here.... trying to update my blog while I'm at work and currently the only one still here to answer the phones and such.... totally distracting! I keep losing what I was trying to write about!**

And with that.... I've lost my momentum. Don't have a freaking clue what I was originally going to say. In all honesty, I think I probably lost it somewhere up around the title. Usually, I can fake it pretty good and keep writing until it all comes back to me.... today? Not so well.

Besides.... I'm outta here in ten minutes. And I'm feeling a bit rebellious.

I'm not gonna look both ways before I cross the street. And I'm not crossing in the intersection. Yep. That's me. The Running Away From Home Rule Breaker.

Think they'll miss me?


Slick said...

Geeezus, with a weekend like that, I'd think about quitting too!

You're too busy girl, just too busy!

So, are you tired now?? ;)

Sports Mama Tracy said...

Tired doesn't begin to describe it! I'd have to slow down enough for exhaustion to register! :)