Monday, September 17, 2007

And the weekend ended....

SUCCESS!! Well, somewhat.

It was a concussion-free weekend! AND Bug kicked butt! (Ok... so the team didn't do so hot, but Bug was awesome!) AND I got to eat somewhere other than my house most of the weekend.

On the flip side.... Chuck E. Cheese is exactly like I remembered it. Overrun with children and lousy pizza.

And I didn't get to watch Bill & Ted. Which sucks.

And I was up until 1:30 this morning finishing the laundry. Which also sucks.

As I was laying there in bed trying to go to sleep, my brain just wouldn't shut down. I really hate it when that happens. But I was laying there, all snuggled up to Coach's back (he's like my own personal body pillow!), I was thinking that the poor man has really gotten the short end of this blogging stick. I mean, I post constantly about the boys. But he's only ever gotten one of his own, and just little mentions in others. So I was feeling pretty wifely, thinking I should write one just for him. And the thoughts kept going 'round and 'round.....

Should I write about how he was sweet enough to still take me (ok, the whole family if the truth be known) out to dinner after we picked Jock up from the football game on Friday night, even though it was ten o'clock at night? And how we even went to one of my favorite restaurants just so I could have this killer chicken soup with really thick noodles and big chunks of chicken? And how he at least offered to sit and watch Bill & Ted with me, even though by this time it was 11:30 at night?

Or I could write about how he let me sleep in just a bit on Saturday morning, even though I really needed to get up and moving to get some stuff done before we had to go to his mom's house?

Hmmm... maybe about how while I was at the grocery store he mopped all of the tile in the house? And made sure both boys got through the shower and were dressed somewhat decently for the trip to my nieces' birthday party ('cuz you know there's a dress code for Chuck E. Cheese, right?) AND helped me carry everything in and throw stuff in the fridge so we could get out the door to the party?

But then.... he rolled over and mumbled: "Honey, did you get my coffee ready for me in the morning before you came to bed?"

Huh. I do love that man. How'd I get so lucky? :)


Scottsdale Girl said...

Unless he is Mr Destructo - teach the man how to operate the heavy machinery!!!

Slick said...

I'm pulling his "mancard" tomorrow...that's it!

Sports Mama Tracy said...

Trust me.. no need to pull the man card! :) Right this minute the damn man is parked in front of the TV, watching football, and drinking beer. He also constantly fiddles with the cars, and takes apart the appliances just to put them back together again. We've got half-finished projects all over the garage. AND he grilled some burgers tonight.

So, can he keep it? :)