Thursday, September 27, 2007

What The Heck Do I Do With A Thursday???

sup cat

Sooo..... its Thursday. Not a whole lot happenin' on a Thursday. Well, besides Parent/Teacher Conferences for Bug. And Bug's football practice. Seems like its kind of a Bug day. :) He'll be happy to know its all about him tonight.

But, last night was Jock's football game. We won. 57-0. Really, it was a total blowout. The opposing team kinda sucked. That was mean. What I meant to say was that maybe the opposing team needed some more practice. Or maybe it was an off day. Or maybe they all just forgot it was game day and so the coaching staff pulled in strays off the street, regardless of experience playing football. Maybe that quarterback simply liked being tossed around in the backfield. Who knows? All I can say is that it is extremely false advertising to name a team the Buffaloes when they more closely resemble .... well, I can't think of a large, slow moving, non-aggressive animal at the moment. However, it was definitely NOT a herd of buffalo.

In the spirit of generosity, wanting to share my *huge* fan base (yup.... all 5 of you!), I'm going to plug a couple of my favorite blogs to read.

First, if you like irreverant (is that even a word?), chauvinistic, as far from politically correct as you can get humor, then Slick is the guy for you! His blog is so unapologetically male that you can't help buy laugh. Possibly be offended, but still laughing! However, he is a nice guy, and writes with a caustic wit that I find amusing and appealing.

A little closer to home is Arizona's own Redneck Scottsdale Princess. She's sarcastic often, and sensitive occasionally. But she's never boring. :)

Another one I read is from Lightening Bugs Butt. Its a great name, which is why I started looking there in the first place! The name implied someone who was an original thinker, and I wasn't disappointed! His is definitely a more intellectual blog, in that you actually have to think about some of the things he writes. But he brings a great sense of humor to his musings that seem to appeal to the masses!

Really, though, if you see it on the side over there ---->

Then its something I read often. Translate: daily. Generally several times daily. They are all great, and all worth checking out!

Let me know if you think I'm seriously misguided. Or a tragic lost cause.


Christina_the_wench said...

57-0? Damn. I read 2 out of three you listed. I will add the other too. Thanks.

Have a good weekend, girl.

Sports Mama Tracy said...

I know! Total blow out!

BTW... I love YOUR blog, too! You should post more often! :)

Scottsdale Girl said...

57 to NOTHING? They didn't score ONE DAMNED TIME? wait, how could they I mean they couldn't have EVER had the ball if Jock's team scored 57!

KEEERIST. :) thanks for the plug.

Sports Mama Tracy said...

Anytime! :)

Slick said...

57-0?? I'm calling Aurthur Blanks. He'll want to sign Jock up tomorrow.

I don't try to offend anyone, on one or two of my posts a year ;)

Sports Mama Tracy said...

Slick: While I wish Jock could take credit for those 57 points... it was a good night for the whole team there. :) And a little offense never hurt anyone! It makes you re-examine your opinions!