Sunday, October 28, 2007

"Its Got To Be Scary, Mom"

That's what Bug told me tonight when we were trying to plan his costume. (Ok... I know we're a bit slow here. However, I've been trying to get him to commit to a costume idea for three weeks now.) He asked me what was the scariest thing I could think of.

I told him a teenage girl. *From the perspective of Coach and myself, since Jock has a girlfriend right now, this particular creature is incredibly frightening. Bug, however, was not amused.*

So we started throwing out ideas. Quite frankly, I wasn't really into the discussion. I was trying to do the Mommy Multi-task. All you moms out there should be familiar with this particular dance routine. Step to the fridge. Spin to the cupboard. Jump to the stove. All the while keeping up conversations with the spouse and all children present at the time. Periodically hop over the dog. In our house, we've added the "Keep an Eye on the Baseball/Football/Hockey Game Currently on TV" step. So you can see how I might not have been a super costume idea contributor.

We talked about what Jock is dressing up as when he goes out with his friends that night (a pimp-looking thing. Really, its just a fuzzy purple hat and a black and white felt cane, combined with some shiny clothes, but he likes to call it his "pimp look". Overabundance of self confidence with absolutely no sense of style... thy name is Teenager.). We talked about what I'm dressing up as for work that day (Mother Nature. I mean, how hard can it be to not do my hair, to wear clothes that just have to be comfortable not professional, to wear sandals!, and to wear a bunch of leaves, flowers and butterfly barrettes? I even got some really fun butterfly earrings!). Bug even asked his dad what he thought, but Coach... well, he's really not a Halloween sort of guy. About the only thing he really enjoys about the holiday are the movies that have been spawned.

None of these topics helped us decide what to dress Bug up as. I think we might have *almost* decided on a zombie surfer.

As long as I can make a surfboard. Cuz really, those are kind of hard to find in Arizona. :) Not too many waves in this desert, ya know?

However, since I seem to totally suck at this costume idea thing, any suggestions are welcome!


Sue said...

I'm useless at costume ideas because my kids poo-poo every good idea I've ever had. They just want whatever the cool costume of the moment is. Lame-asses! LOL!

The Sports Mama said...

Its usually the same here, which is why I'm having such a hard time coming up with something for him! :)