Thursday, October 4, 2007

Maybe We Should All Be Wearing Helmets

The other night, Coach, the boys and I were driving around. It escapes me now just where exactly we had been driving either to or from, but we were all in the car at the same time. Also escaping me at the moment is exactly how this subject came up. Honestly, it was probably just a random thing that showed up in the car conversation. It happens frequently with my children. We can't explain it, we just enjoy it.

Anyway, there we were, driving somewhere. Bug then asks this question:

"Mom, how did Jesus die?"

Ok.... so apparently I've neglected (just a bit) their biblical education.

Me: Well, he was crucified. Before you ask, that means he was hung on a cross to die.

Bug: What?!?! (see? He was properly horrified!)

Me: His hands and feet were nailed there, and he was left to hang there and die.

Jock: Yeah.... and they shoved a really wicked spear in his side, too... just like jungle hunters do to wild pigs!

Umm... yeah. On the one hand, I'm glad to know that Jock knows this much about both the crucifixion AND jungle hunters, but I really wasn't prepared for the analogy there. However, the imagery it provided for Bug was irreplaceable!

Bug: Really? Wow... that sucks. *Master of understatement, that kid* So why did he let them do that?

Me: Well, God told Him that was what He would have to do to help the rest of us get into Heaven. (I know.... its a very simplified version of the story. Just go with me here.)

Bug: Umm... if He knew it was gonna happen, why didn't he move somewhere else so no one would find Him?

Me: Because He loves everyone, even you and all your questions, that much.

Bug: I still don't get it.

Here is where, to my HUGE surprise, Coach piped in with his little nugget of knowledge. I might add that I was unaware exactly how much Coach even knew about the whole thing.

Coach: Bug, look at it this way. Its like life is a football game, and Jesus is the ultimate lead blocker. He's sacrificing Himself, and taking out the opposing team of bad guys, so that you can get through and run all the way into the end zone of Heaven.

Huh??? Ok.... so I'll admit that I did a really big and almost cartoonish double take at that one. Who knew that Jesus and the crucifixion could be explained with football terminology??? And more boggling... who knew that Coach would be the one to explain it so well?

At that point, Bug said: Huh. That makes sense.

And the topic of conversation changed and life went on.

Who knew Jesus played football?


Colleen said...

And people say you can come up with a sports analogy to explain everything. haha. Great job Coach!

*~*Cece*~* said...

That was an awesome conversation! *clapping*

Uhh, talk about neglecting children's biblical learning, this April my Grandma died. We're in church for her services and my NINE year old leans over, whispers to me: Hey, Mom, why are those big brown sticks up there for with that guy?

Oy, time to get those girls to church!

The Sports Mama said...

Colleen: I'll be sure and pass along the praise! :) Thanks!

Cece: I don't think my nine year old has ever been to church unless it was a funeral. And he's only been to one of those. He was 4. *sigh* I feel like such a bad mom....