Friday, October 5, 2007

Friday, Friday, Friday

Iiiiiiittttsssss Friday!!!

Can I just mention how really happy that makes me? Words can not even begin to express how happy Friday's make me!

Sadly, I'm giving up on Bill & Ted. *sigh* Every time I think we might be able to fit them in, something comes up to make that not happen. Coach has cousins come into town for one night only. Homecoming football games happen. My dad shows up (ok.. that was a good thing, but it still kept me away from Bill & Ted).

Bug has a game this Saturday. His season is winding down, as well. Only four more games to go. I'm excited about this game, as Bug followed last week's amazing game (that boy was all over the field, tackling everyone! He is a defensive monster! If you've got the ball, you'd better hope you can run faster than he can. And that kid is one fast little dude!) with a really good week at practice. So tomorrow's game should be fun for us to watch. Unfortunately, our team hasn't won a single game yet, so we're not really counting on that whole "victory dinner" thing. But we'll probably head out to Dippin' Dots if Bug gets his jersey dirty enough! His goal each week is to get so much playing time and so much action on that field that his jersey is no longer white! :) Let's just say that I can almost support the employees at the Spray~N~Wash plant single-handed!

And more than likely we'll end up doing something with the in-laws. We usually do. **we really need to get some friends!** **and yes, I really do love Coach's family!**

Keep in mind.... all of this will all be done by the time Saturday ends. Because on Sunday......


All. Day. Long. There is no respite from that sport in my house. If a game isn't on , be it for half time or whatever, the channel gets shifted over to any other game they can find. If they can't find a game, we find ourselves watching ESPN Sports Center. Although this weekend will probably actually find Coach channel surfing between a couple different sports since we've also entered the baseball post season. With our current hometown boys playing (Go D-Backs!) and our favorite hometown boys playing (GO ROCKIES!!!!), Coach and the boys will definitely be keeping track of the games.

I know I've mentioned that I love having boys. And I really do. But sometimes I wonder.....

Would life be any easier with daughters instead? :)

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