Sunday, November 18, 2007

I'm Blaming the NFL

Well, maybe not the entire NFL. There are some teams out there that have done nothing wrong. They haven't contributed to the overall attitude that hangs in my house from August to February. Every stinking year.

No, not the whole league. Just the Washington Redskins.

I've mentioned here before that the Redskins are Coach's favorite team. He has been a fan since he was just a little guy. Which was fine, then. They weren't that bad back then. In fact, as Coach is so often fond of reminding me, they've even been to to a Super Bowl or two. They even beat my beloved Broncos (we won't touch that one in this post, thank you very much) in one of those Super Bowls. *excuse me.... Big Games. dumb trademark rules*

However, their glory days are well behind them. For the last few years, they manage to start each season promisingly, only to tank it hard somewhere around the 6th-8th week. But Coach, God love him, has remained a true fan through it all. He's not a bandwagon fan, that's for sure. And therein lies my problem.

*disclaimer: This is not a Coach-bashing post. Honest! So you can stop thinking that right now, honey! :) This is a Redskins-bashing post. Which I realize in your eyes might be close to the same thing, but it really isn't.*

Each week, when the Redskins start a game looking good, and progressively look worse, until they eventually lose the game...... well, lets just say that I am glad my new neighbors don't understand much English, anyway. Today was no exception. I take that back. Today was worse. You see, today the Redskins played their arch rivals, the Dallas Cowboys. Who promptly whomped on them. Soundly. Without remorse. In fact, I think I even saw several smiles on the faces of those Cowboys.

No, Coach was not pleased.

It wasn't even so much the losing that bothered him so badly. It was the stupidness involved in losing the game. The ridiculous plays, the bonehead penalties, the fact that they apparently rolled out the red carpet right into the damn end zone for TO. All of which combined to put Coach in a not-so-happy mood. Remember me telling you about how Jock acted when his football night wouldn't go his way? Yeah. Where do you think he learned it? The game ended somewhere around 5, and there was only a handful of words spoken for the next two hours. And there was an awful lot of sulking going on.

All of which serves to aggravate me. To. No. End.

So, if Coach and I ever do decide to end things, it will almost assuredly be during football season. During the latter half of football season, to be more specific. And I will cite the Washington Redskins in our paperwork as the cause.

Think I can get the team to pay alimony? :)


Sue said...

It could be worse...he could be a Lions fan.

I'm just sayin'...

LunaNik said...

my father is a raider fan...needless to say he's pretty miserable during football season

The Sports Mama said...

Sue, too true. :) Have you de-spammed me yet so I can go back to commenting on your blog? :)

Lunanik, I'm so sorry to hear about your dad's tragic fan tendencies... lol.. (I'm a Bronco fan) :) And can I just tell you that I love the changing icon pictures you have? :)

Kelly Malloy said...

I guess I'm lucky that my hubby's team is winning - however- he does tend to rub it in when his team beats mine!

Sue said...

I'm trying to remember to keep an eye on my comments for incorrect spam-association so I can rescue your comments quickly. Eventually it should figure out that I'm cool with you. It did the same thing to Slackermommy for a couple weeks. Very odd.

Stupid thing, you'd think it would have learned already.