Monday, November 19, 2007

Consider This My Suggestion Box

Ok. So I'm hooked. I admit it. Don't think they've developed a 12 step group for it yet, and if they have, I'm not ready to admit its a problem. Yet.

I love blogging. Everything about it, actually. I love writing my little posts, which really are done more as a form of sanity saving therapy for myself. I love reading all of the comments from everyone I've met through this blog. And I love reading new blogs.

However, I have one concern. Maybe you've noticed? My blog roll on the side there isn't very long. When I first started reading blogs, there were only one or two I read with any sort of regularity. As time has gone on, I've obviously upped my intake. I read every blog on my list daily. Most of them I go back to several times, to see if there are any updates, or responses to comments. Like I said, I'm hooked. But, I've only got so many names on my list, and there are only so many times I can go back to their blogs looking for fresh posts. Now, I realize I might be just small steps away from becoming a blog-stalker, but I'm ok with that. It occurs to me that I maybe just don't have enough other blogs to read.

So, in the interest of saving you all from me....

I'm asking each of you to post a comment with one (or two, or five!) of your favorite blogs to read off of your blog roll. Besides mine, of course. :) And it should go without saying that I would prefer you to suggest blogs that aren't already on my own blog roll. I'll take all of your suggestions, and pop over to check out these new blogs. I'll be sure and leave a comment on each one, giving credit for the visit to whomever referred me.

If I'm lucky, I'll find some more blog-buddies to add to my list.

If not..... well, just please don't change your addresses on me, ok? I promise not to stalk you.



Karen said...

I love that I'm already on your list. Thanks!

Here are some of my faves:

moooooog35 said...

Here's one I found that's pretty funny:

Not as funny as me, mind you...but funny nonetheless.

Sue said...

I agree with moooooog35 (do I have enough o's in there? hmm)...go read Slick. He's entertaining.

I'd also like to offer up:

Just don't be drinking or eating anything while reading. She's a great storyteller and can make anything humorous. Coffee-spitting humorous.

And another I read daily, or, more times than once a day is:

You've got to go watch the video she posted a few days back of her girls. I think it's titled "Drama Queen and the Monkey on her back" or something. It's hysterical and I went back several times to make myself laugh.

Sue said...

Aww, shoot. I see you've got Slick already. How did I miss that? Der! Must have read too fast.

Ok, whew! I slowed down and don't have the other two I suggested.

LunaNik said...

This post hits the nail on the head so perfectly it's as if I wrote it myself!!! Not only do I go thru my blogroll everyday, but I also check back to read comments and whatnot. Ok, so, try stalking...I mean reading =) OhMommy's blog...she's on my blogroll as ButterMom...Classy Chaos. She's a fascinating woman and her blog covers her life as a refugee as well as her modern day hot mamma life. She's funny, she's honest, she's classy...just like us =)

LunaNik said...

Passed on a bloggy award to ya...stop by my blog when you have a minute.

The Sports Mama said...

Thanks for all the suggestions! Although, yes.. I've already got Slick on my list. Love him! He's hilariously irreverant.... and very typical of the male mind! :) Love it! And since I love all of your blogs, I'm sure to love your suggestions!

Lunanik.. I'm on my way to yours now to see what's doing. :) Thanks!

Colleen said...

My blog roll started to get so long that I made it a whole page for itself.

I gave up on clicking down my list. It was taking too long... and it was disappointing when someone hadn't updated. So I signed up at google reader. Very simple... and you automatically get everyone's new posts.

Rachel said...

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWww... I'm on your list! Wowza~ thanks!!

Just to name a few of my daily reads.

The Sports Mama said...

Thanks again, everyone, for all the suggestions! I can't wait to get started reading these new blogs! And thanks, Colleen, for the Google reader suggestion. If my blog roll gets much bigger I'll really have to look into that!

Amy said...

I just wrote a post listing my 10 favorite blogs with a link to my favorite post for each blog. Some of the ones I listed are already on your blogroll. You can check it out at:
The link will take you directly to the post.

I also use google reader. It is a great way to keep track of several blogs.

The Sports Mama said...

Thanks for the link to your blog, Amy. That was a great way to give a shout out to your favorite bloggers! :)