Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I'm On A Roll

WooHoo!! Yay me!

Ok, ok. I'll quit the self-cheering now. Besides, apparently other people think I'm worth cheering for anyway!

Thanks go to Lunanik from Secrets Of A Black Heart for awarding me with this. And I have to agree with her (no, not about awarding me, although naturally I think that's awesome!) about why I, too, love receiving these awards. They just make me feel good. Maybe its a substitute for the validation I secretly, desperately yearn for from my kids? Who knows. I just know I like feeling like Sally Field at the Oscars!

Now, I know that my kids are older than a lot of mommy bloggers out there. I no longer have babies, or even toddlers. My kids are definitely in "big boy" beds these days. What's my point, you ask? Well, my point is that the "crib" I'm rockin' simply can't be taken literally. Nope. We're a household full of boys, one of them a teenager. So our crib is more along the lines of MTV slang. Meaning... I rock the house.

I quite like the sound of that. Brings to mind all the 80's bands I'm so fond of. :)

Alas. *sigh* I don't get to hold onto the trophy for long, however. I must pass the torch along to another worthy crib rocker. On the down side, it is awfully difficult to select one or two of you to pass this along to. On the positive... the design is better for the daddies than the flowers of this award were!

And so it is with all the blogging love in my heart that I pass this along to:

Karen at The Rocking Pony
The other Karen at Lyrics of My Life
And finally, because dads deserve some lovin' and attention, too.... Chris at The SuperDad Chronicles.

Enjoy, my friends!

As for me.... I'm going back to my "party like a rock star" fantasies while I Rock My House!


Karen said...

Congrats on your award! I know what you mean about receiving them, it's about all we've got some days.

But you know you can post this in your bloggy display case AND pass it along. Sorta like "take one down and pass it around."

Chris said...

I would just like to thank all of the little people....namely the three of them that live in my house. Without them, my life would be calmer but sooooo much more boring. Seriously, thank you!

Anonymous said...

Congrats, and thanks so much!! I LOVE awards! You rock!

Sue said...

Congrats. You do rock!

The Sports Mama said...

Thanks y'all! :) And Karen, Karen and really DO deserve it! :)

Colleen said...

What a very cool looking award.

Cecily R said...

Awards are so cool! We totally rock the house...even if I do it in cut off sweats an shirts with baby puke on my shoulder...

LunaNik said...

"party like a rock star" crack me up!

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Sports Mama said...

Thanks, Colleen! This is one of the more fun looking awards!

Cecily, welcome to my "home"! :) And I'm totally on board with the sweats uniform!

Lunanik, Happy Thanksgiving back at'cha! Thanks again for this!