Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Where's There's Smoke....

.... there's fire. And this time was no exception.

I was walking down the hall in my office this morning, when a client of someone else in there came up to me and (quite calmly, actually) said: The building right next door to you at the end of this one is on fire. You might want to grab anything you need, as you'll probably need to leave soon.


So, I grabbed my briefcase, all the money in my office that hasn't yet gone to the bank, my phone and my keys, and headed out to my truck. Oh yeah.... and the donut that was wrapped in my a paper towel that was in my hand at the time. Turned from stashing it all on the front seat, and this is what I saw. Tons of smoke, but no flames. Five or six fire engines, the Tactical Response truck, five police cars, numerous fire and police personnel. No news vans, however.

And one REALLY TALL police officer. No kidding, he must have been at least 7 feet tall!

Here's some more pictures, so you can share in my excitement!

The fire engines actually were surrounding the building, so it felt like we were in a big circle. This was only about half of the total number of emergency personnel present.

If you look closely in this next one, off to the left you can see the REALLY TALL police officer!!

They even had a couple of fire fighters on the roof, using big axes and other chopping tools to cut it open!

Fortunately, everyone got out of those offices right away, so there were no casualties. And it never even got close to our office, so we had to go back in and get back to work. But, it was a lot of excitement this morning!

And when I called Coach to tell him, what was his response?

Did anyone think to bring marshmallows?


Rachel said...

Holy cow!!!
The marshmallow comment is so something that my darling snarkariffic hubby would have said, too! LOL!
Damn, that guy is TALL!!!!

*~*Cece*~* said...

Holy crap that guy IS tall! Glad no one was hurt. We had a fire that we could see from our house not too long ago. I thought about grabbing the camera but that would've meant putting my beer down. lol

Sue said...

Paul would have been right there with Coach asking about marshmallows. LOL!

Glad no one was hurt and yeah, holy-tallness! Wow.

Chris said...

Wow, if you wanted to go home that badly, why didn't you just pretend to be sick? No need to burn the building down. :-)

Karen said...

Good lands! I'm glad it wasn't serious and nobody got hurt. And that the really tall policeman didn't pass out and fall on anybody.

The Sports Mama said...

I told you all he was tall! :)

Rachel and Sue: Good to know its not just my guy who has achieved that level of irreverence!

Cece, since I was at work, there was no chance of there being an adult beverage in my hands. :)

Chris, welcome! :) I enjoy your blog, so I'm glad you came to visit mine! And it would have been so much better if I had actually gotten to go home. Sadly, we had to go back to work for the next 6 hours. *sigh*

Karen, that whole passing out thing? Yeah, that would have been bad... lol

Cecily R said...

My husband is such a siren chaser it's pathetic. He so would have been there try looking on like he could help or something. He's such a dork about that stuff!

That officer is huge! Talk about intimidating!

Glad it wasn't your office that was on fire!