Thursday, December 20, 2007

"And This Evening's Specials Are...."

Let this be a lesson to all you men out there. Heck, to all the women, too.

If it is not on the menu, and is promoted as one of the "specials", just know that it will carry with it a "special" price as well.

In Coach's defense, it was the only special he recognized any of the ingredients mentioned so he figured it was a safe bet. Oh, and it was absolutely delicious!

I've gotta admit, this waiter was good. As soon as we were seated, he came up and asked if we'd like a bottle of water. Yes, a BOTTLE. It very quickly became overwhelmingly obvious (to us, at least) that we don't get out much. We assumed a bottle of water was, you know... like a bottle of water. Not at any point did we hear "bottle" and think "Oh! That must mean its a GLASS bottle, with apparently superior water as it was BOTTLED IN ITALY!" So you can imagine our *slight* surprise when presented with a bottle of water like most waiters present a bottle of wine.

Then, this waiter ever-so-smoothly goes into his recital of the evenings specials. (People, you need to remember that our usual idea of fine dining is Applebee's with the kids. There was not a SINGLE CHILD anywhere in the restaurant! NOT ONE! Naturally that made us beyond susceptible to being swept along by a seasoned waiter.) Now, I live to spoil my man, so when he turned his chocolate brown eyes to me, looking for direction, I just told him to go ahead and get it as I knew he'd like it. Really... what's NOT to like about filet mignon wrapped in bacon, covered in a deliciously creamy mushroom sauce on a bed of steamed spinach and capers?

Me? I'm extremely unoriginal. I got spaghetti. Oh! But I added Italian sausage. Why not live a little?

Lets not forget the slick way this waiter asked what kind of salads we wanted. Not IF we wanted them. I'm tellin' ya, he was just that smooth.

We get to the end of our incredibly enjoyable meal, and the waiter suggests that a nice peach sorbet would complement my dinner beautifully. Sure, why not? Its a special night, so I go ahead with that.

I will admit, this was the best food I have had in a long time. And not just because I didn't have to cook it, either! And the atmosphere in this tiny little hole-in-the-wall restaurant was fantastic. Believe me, I look phenomenal by candlelight. The entire evening was everything I could have hoped, beginning with the fact that Coach surprised me with this restaurant. I was expecting Olive Garden or Macaroni Grill. What I got was so much better.

Bottle of fancy-schmancy Italian water: $5.00
2 small scoops of Peach Sorbet: $6.00
Special of the Day Filet: $31.00

Coach, getting down on one knee in the middle of the restaurant, asking me to marry him all over again: PRICELESS


Sue said...

Awww. How sweet. You've go me tearing up here...err, coach does, really...guess I'm just a big sap today.

My assumption for the bottled water would be water in a glass bottle with ice and a slice of lemon. That's how fancy I get. Oh, and it would be TAP water. LMAO!

Karen said...

Oh, my goodness! He didn't! EEEEEK!!! How incredibly romantic and wonderful and sweet and thoughtful.

We have seriously never in our lives eaten in such an establishment. There is none in our little town, and in PGH we go to the tried and true. (Outback is as good as it gets.)

Stella said...

How FREAKING sweet! That literally brought a tear to my eye....the proposal, not the price of the Filet!

What a wonderful event!

Flea said...

Oh how very sweet!!! Did the water have bubbles?

moooooog35 said...

Do I not teach you ANYTHING?!

Never, EVER, eat the special. It's "special" for a reason:

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Awwwww . . . that is the sweetest! Now I see why you keep the guy around.


suchsimplepleasures said...

that is so incredibly sweet!!!

The Sports Mama said...

Sue, trust me...I was crying in the restaurant as well! The three ladies sitting at the table next to us asked our waiter if we had just gotten engaged! :)

Karen, it completely took me by surprise! Every so often he does something that just takes my breath away. And like I said, our usual is Applebee's!

Stella, it did mine too! Although, it might have been in part because of the price of that filet! ;)

Flea, we were actually given a choice between "flat" or "sparkling" We chose flat. After having the boys I have, I've come to associate bubbling water with something entirely different and undrinkable! :)

Moooooog, we knew we were taking a, it paid off. :)

BB's Mom, definitely a keeper!

SSP, he does have his moments!

Rachel said...

Oh... big kudos to Coach!! Too cute!! So sweet! I'm all misty eyed now.
Damn, $31.00 for one steak. That must have been one delicious steak.
I'm glad y'all enjoyed your night out!! Yum.

Amy said...

What a wonderful anniversary dinner. Your husband is SO romantic.

I noticed the Glass of Chateau Ste. Michelle. I Love their winery and wines. They are located just south of me. I have stomped grapes there!

My Costco sells their wine at $5.00 a bottle.

Yep, that's right. If you need a couple of bottles, you know where to find me.

The Sports Mama said...

Rachel, it WAS delicious! :)

Amy, he totally loved that single glass of wine. :) So, I'm guessing he'd love the whole bottle, as well. And to be able to get two of them for the price of the one glass.... very cool. :)

KIDZMAMA said...

What an awesome dude!

I hope you shared some of the filet and added it to your spaghetti. Now that's true love!

I'm you got to go out without the kids and celebrate properly. Good job Coach.

The Sports Mama said...

Kidzmama, he DID give me the 2nd bite! :)

Shellie said...

That sounds great!!! What a priceless night.

AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

That is SOO romantic. And, for a 15th you deserve special with $5 imported water...IN ITALY!! Tell Coach to take you.

Rick said...

I asked my wife to marry me again at our 15th. It's a bit scary because now she knew what she was getting into. Thank God she said yes - again.