Friday, December 21, 2007

What Can I Say?

First, Coach says thanks to everyone who jumped on the Coach Is A Keeper float in the recent Anniversary Parade. He told me that he plans on directing me back to all of your comments the next time he forgets his sole purpose in life is making me happy.

At which point, he looked at me, paused, and then asked me how the heck I'd found all of you. And how you'd found me? And then he told me I must be an amazing writer, because our life can not possibly be that exciting to other people, so what the heck was I making up???

After kicking him in the shins.... err, I mean gently correcting his misconceptions concerning the excitement level of our lives, I had to admit that I really have NO idea how any of you came to find me. I know I found most of you either through recommendations, or from comments you'd either left for me or on someone else's blog. But, yeah... no clue how you found me, or what keeps you here.

Wanna help me out here? Give me something to tell him? Although he did laugh quite a bit when I told him about some of the Google searches that have landed at my blog. :)


I feel pretty stupid right now.

I JUST noticed today that the address labels I had printed with our name and address are WRONG. Not by much, and its really subtle. Just a couple of transposed numbers in the street address. But wrong, nonetheless.

And I just mailed out a butt-load of Christmas cards with those labels on them.

I really hope no one was counting on getting our address from this year's Christmas card. They'll never find us.


This is one of Bug's favorite parts of the Christmas season. Every time he hears it, he breaks into a somewhat spastic, high energy dance he created himself. Its really cute, and makes Coach, Jock and I laugh until our stomachs hurt Every.Single.Time. (*before you click on the link, you'll probably want to pause the music over on the side there)


This is one of Jock's new favorite video clips. Our entire family really enjoys the comedic ventriloquist, Jeff Dunham. Coach and I really get a kick out of this particular alter-ego, Walter. Bug loves, Loves, LOVES this guy, Peanut. He laughs hysterically at just about everything he does, which causes Coach and I to laugh until we cry! Really, that's a win-win situation.


Enjoy the links today, everyone! :) I'm going to try to do some posting this holiday weekend, even though I don't honestly expect many of you to be around and reading it.

BUT... if you are, could you please just drop me a little "hello"? Let me know you were here?

Oh.... and maybe tell me how you found me? 'Cuz really, I gotta tell that man something, and it might as well be the truth. :)


Cecily R said...

I THINK I found you through Burgh Baby. I think. I know we have a few common readers anyway.

I stay because you're a good writer and I enjoy reading what you have to say!

Is that lame? Probably. But the truth!

moooooog35 said...

I actually think you found me first. know how they say "finders keepers?"...well...this is why I have to keep coming back.

It's the law.

Karen said...

You know, in all honesty, I cannot remember how we first met. Isn't that sad? But I love you and will never leave you. Anyone who can take real life and relay it with a sense of humor is my hero. Never sugar coat the truth, life is just way too interesting.

Christina_the_wench said...

I think you commented on my blog first, thru cece's blog. Maybe? Oh well. Tell Coach it's not the route, but the destination. :)

You guys have a very Merry Christmas!!!

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

You found me first. And I love you for it because you are one of my daily must reads.

What I want to know is how you found me . . . through Karen maybe?

Sue said...

I got here via Cece. And she probably found you by using the "next blog" button. She used to love that thing. Now all it takes you to are ad-blogs and foreign blogs.

I just happen to enjoy your writing and have stayed. I think it's the whole "raising boys" thing. We've got a lot in common there.

Flea said...

The Force. I used the Force and it led me to you.

Amy said...

You were on someone's blog roll that I read. Your title caught my eye and I just had to check you out.
Thanks for posting the video's, I'm still smiling.

Rachel said...

I think I found you through another person's comments. I liked your comment so I think I clicked over here? I could be wrong, it happens occasionally. :-)
I really do say Y'all... so does the 4 year old. It's just a part of our vernacular. :-)

The Sports Mama said...

Cecily, its NEVER lame to tell me I'm a good writer! :)

Mooooog, so who's being kept? Me or you?

Karen, I am so glad you'll never leave me! It makes that stalking thing I do to your blog less creepy! :)

Christina, I *think* it actually might have been through Slick. The whole "preacher's wife" thing he's got going for you made me curious... lol

BB's Mom, WOW!!! You have no idea how I love hearing I'm a "must read" for someone! Thanks!! And are you sure I found you first?

Sue, I love hearing how you deal with your oldest, specifically, since I'll be at that point soon with my oldest!

Flea, as long as you realize I will never admit to being your father, we're good. ;)

Amy, glad you enjoyed them! I laugh every time I watch them!

Rachel, no... you couldn't be wrong... you DID like what I wrote! ;)

Merry Christmas, everyone! :)

KIDZMAMA said...

I can't remember how I found you, but I do remember the title of your blog being interesting. And the music. That sold me. It's been great getting to know you these past couple of months. We have bunches in common even if our kids are different ages. Sometimes it's nice to relate to a mom just because she's a woman and not just because of the kids.

Is that enough? Are you happy Coach?

Oh, and yes, I'll be here! So keep writing.

Stella said...

Wow, I'm not sure how I found you. Maybe Oh Mommy?!? Not sure...but I just can't stay away! :)

Have a WONDERFUL Christmas!!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I don't know - maybe it was just fate? I'm glad I did find you but tell Coach to stop worrying about it so much. It's stressing me out that I can't remember.... is he happy now?


The Sports Mama said...

Kidzmama, first--I'm glad you enjoy the music! :) Second, I completely agree...its wonderful to find someone you share common things/interest/whatever with beyond the kidlets!

Stella, thank you! That is a super compliment!

Hallie, fate works for me! ;) No need to stress... lol..

Sometimes I think that man puts these bugs in my ear just to see what I'll do or say about them!