Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sharin' The Love

I'm going to do something a bit different today. I'm going to send you all somewhere else. Oh... don't fret. Its just for today. :)

I've met many wonderful people through this blog. Sometimes, you make me think. Often you make me laugh so hard it hurts. You always make me smile. I've really enjoyed getting to "know" so many of you. But occasionally I come across someone who's life, and resulting stories, really touches my heart. Hallie, at Wonderful World of Wieners has done that.

Hallie is incredibly witty, and the constant wiener references crack me up! Her dachshunds (or doxies, as she calls 'em) are the cutest dogs, and obviously important to her. Hence, the name of the blog! However, its not the dogs (cute as they are) that have touched my heart so deeply. She and her husband, like Coach and I, married young and started their family young; and she's got two boys, like I do, but that's not it either. No, the reason Hallie has touched my heart so much is because she's a Military Mama.

I think I might have mentioned on here at least once that my baby brother is in the Navy, and has been there for over six years now. And while I might not be a Military Mama, myself.... I obviously have one! :) And with ten years between the Baby Brother and I, he's kinda like one of my boys anyway. Needless to say, I'm EXTREMELY supportive of our servicemen and women, and of their families left behind here to be their support "behind the lines".

Hallie's oldest son, CJ (aka Schmoopy), is in the Air Force. Once finished with training, CJ will be flying on an AC130U Gunship. And as Hallie has mentioned, that sounds *slightly* more frightening to a mama than say... the Good Ship Lollipop! She's doing a countdown to when he comes home for Christmas before reporting to his duty station, and calling it The Twelve Days of Schmoopy. CJ has gotten into the spirit of the countdown, and has been sending her pictures to post reflecting the numbered days. I absolutely recommend you head over there and check it out! And while Hallie is asking for everyone to be sending positive thoughts, prayers and good wishes to CJ and the other men and women he serves with, I'm asking for everyone to send those same things to Hallie, her husband John, their youngest son, Connor, and the girl waiting at home holding onto CJ's heart for him, Tristen.

So go. Go on over to Hallie's blog and leave her comments full of love and support. I'll be here when you get back.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

THANKS is NOT a strong enough word for what you have done. You are amazing... Thank you from our entire family, but especially CJ.

You are truly a woman with a HUGE heart.


Karen said...

I love that you're so loving and supportive of others.

We've done our time in the military, and my BIL is still in. He'll be deployed next year. It makes this a very meaningful Christmas to be sure. To say that I'm patriotic and supportive of the troops is the tip of the iceberg.

The Sports Mama said...

Hallie, I may not have gazillions of readers, but the ones I do have have a lot of heart! :)

Karen, I thought of you as well when I was writing this!

The Sports Mama said...

Oops... Karen, I mixed you up with the other Karen who frequents here... her husband is active military. :)

Regardless.... I was thinking of all the military families I know! And now I know your family is one, too! :)

Scottsdale Girl said...

you are SO sweet woman! fo ryou and Hallie

Amy said...

Thanks for posting on this. I also read Hallie's blog and have been sending good wishes to CJ. I sent an email out to my non-blog reading friends yesterday to get some more love sent CJ's way.