Monday, January 28, 2008

"Nobody Move! I Can't Find My Brain!"

I decided tonight that that is going to be my new favorite quote. Thank you, Captain Sparrow.

My life is so beyond busy at the moment, and gearing up to be even more so. Don't misunderstand. I wouldn't change it; in fact, I really love everything about it that is contributing to the business.

I just need an 8th day to the week, maybe. I'd even settle for possibly just 26 hours a day on the seven days we currently have.

I might have mentioned a couple of times what I do for a living. If not, or if you're new here and don't particularly feel like trolling back through my old posts to find out, I'll tell you again. I'm a Property Manager of single family rental homes here in the Phoenix Valley. I absolutely LOVE my job. Let me make that very clear. (And not just because there is a chance my bosses read my blog! I really do love my job!) That being said, it is incredibly mentally demanding. And very busy. Extremely busy. I work for a fledgling company that has a really awesome vision and fantastic focus towards growth. Currently, the portfolio I manage is just under 75 houses. We are looking to double that amount soon, hopefully in the next 30 days.

So without going into too much detail, just know that I am kept very busy all day long. And, more often than not, I'm bringing something home to work on. Sometimes, that works out. Other times, not so much. Mostly because I live in an area that apparently is a bit of a technological dead zone, and both my desktop and laptop computer often mutiny while at my house. I try not to take it personal.

But I really think it has something to do with my actual house. Because EVERYTHING here mutinies! The computers, my kids, the dogs (who absolutely refuse to go outside in the rain.... and it hasn't stopped raining since LAST night here). I even have a theory that this house is the reason I can't cook.

(OH!! Except for tonight. Amy at Memories and Musings of a Mommy gave me an absolutely fantabulous spaghetti sauce recipe, that everyone actually ate! Thanks, Amy!)

And now we are about to go full speed ahead into baseball season for both boys. Both? I meant ALL THREE, as Coach also coaches Bug's team. And me? Not only am I in attendance at ALL of Jock's games and the Team Mom for Bug's team, I'm also the Secretary of the Little League Board. Which naturally means I've got 85 jobs to do during the season.

Honestly? Busy though it may be, I wouldn't trade a moment of my life for anyone else's.

Unless of course they had that extra day. Then I might have to work something out.


Flea said...

Your job sounds demanding, but intriguing. It's always good to hear someone say they like what they do. I hope it stops raining for you soon! Maybe send some our way in the form of snow?

Karen said...

What we don't do for our kids. Even at risk of losing our brains.

Shellie said...

Love that quote! At least you like your busy, which makes life more enjoyable!

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

26 hours will not be enough. You need an extra 52 at least. Maybe more.

You DO need that Supermom cape!

Amy said...

I'm so glad to hear that everyone loved the sauce. I hope you enjoyed making it, (you used wine, right?)

KIDZMAMA said...

I'm going to have to check out the sauce recipe. I remember you mentioning before that you use jar sauce. Yea, me too. I just don't think I have the time to do the "real" stuff. But if you can do it with all that you have going on, I can do it too. I think...

LunaNik said...

My mom is also a property manager so I know just how busy you are.

I am right there with you. An 8th day of the week would be awesome!!

I don't have time to blog anymore!!!! I'm literally blogging so late at night that I'm falling asleep in front of the computer.