Saturday, January 26, 2008

I'm Not Sure About The Outfit, Though

Yes, I felt the need for some validation today. Doesn't happen often, so I shrugged my shoulders and went with it. I could've done a test on whether or not my family was normal, but really? I feel normality is just a matter of perception. And, my perception of my family is that we're normal. For us, anyway. There was also one geared towards helping me simplify my life. Ha!! I ask you, why would I want to do that? If my life was simple, I'd have nothing to blog about!

What's Your Supermom Strength?
Take this test!
There's no doubt about it: Your world revolves around your kids (gee, ya think? I'm forever going to one sporting event or another!), and love is evident in almost everything you do for them, whether you're making their school lunches, videotaping their school performances (been there, done that, have the video to prove it) — or pulling them in for a great big hug.

You've probably got a bit of a traditional streak and may have a somewhat old-fashioned approach to parenting (such as trying to wrangle everyone together to eat dinner as a family every night) (maybe.. just a bit. But I'm lucky if we can all gather around the living room coffee table!). Your friends and family may tease you a bit (a bit?!?!) about how much you protect your kids — and it's true that you're a bit (again... a bit?!?!) of a mama bear inside; you're likely to take your kids' sides when they fight with their friends or get in trouble in school (Every.Stinkin'.Time). But everyone admires the warmth you exude, and your unshakable (Absolutely, beyond a shadow of a doubt... UNSHAKABLE) belief in your children.

So ok. I got my validation.

I'm still not going out in tights and a cape.

Well, maybe the cape.


Karen said...

Oh, I have no pride. I'd probably wear the tights. My post today shows that I'd wear just about anything.

CableGirl said...

Ooooh... How cool. I've totally got to try that test out. :)

Got here hopping along. Starting a bit early tonight. :)

Dan said...

I think everyone should get to wear a cape now and again.

Sarabeth said...

The coffee table is a perfectly fine place to eat dinner.

Blog Hopping--HP

Darrin said...

Hey Sportsbabe! just doin' some bloghoppin' and thought I'd swing by. Ya know... capes are underated these days. =^D

"Makeshift Sinatra"
from the weekend bloghoppers

terancedubya said...

I think capes are a good thing. Stay away from the tights. The only people who can get away with wearing tights are little girls and circus midgets. I have presumed that you are neither.

Bloghopping and you're my first stop! I will be back to bug you more often...repeatedly.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I like you! I like you!

Come see!


Flea said...

Mine is Playful Enthusiasm. I have the tights - now I need to find a good cape ... preferably one like the Hobbits have ...

Amy said...

Tights AND cape...
I'm going to have to remember that for next years Halloween Party.

The Sports Mama said...

Wow... thanks to all the Bloghoppers that stopped by! I'll be sure and come say hi!

Amy, I'm going to start designing my SuperMom costume now! :)

Shellie said...

So, a supermom shirt wouldn't be too off.