Thursday, February 28, 2008

Definition of a Bloggy Friend

1. n. Someone who is ever ready to give advice, suggestions and spaghetti sauce recipes.

2. n. Someone who is apparently blind to all the clutter and construction mess at your blog.

3. n. Someone who loves you so much she gives you awesome awards like this one, with a very cool thing to say in the process:

4. n. Amy at Memories and Musings of a Mommy.

Have I told you all that Amy rocks? Oh, you know I have. Probably on more than one occasion. Have I mentioned that her very next post will be her 100th? No? Well, it will be, so be sure to go check it out. Honest to goodness, people, you will wonder why you have not snatched her up and stuck her in your pocket to take with you everywhere you go. Because that is really what I want to do.

Thank you so much for this award! It fits so nicely in my Trophy Case!

And in the tradition of stylish girls everywhere, I'm passing this along to another worthy woman. Someone I can't seem to stop myself from checking in on at least a handful of times a day, even though the post only changes once. Someone who has recently given her virtual place a fantabulous makeover. Someone who, despite the fact that her colors are black and gold, is every bit a stylin' sports lover like I am. Burgh.... this one's for you, babe!

Do you think, if I asked really nicely...... I might be able to talk her into moving into the vacant house Right.Next.Door to me? She and Jeff would love it.... it's a fixer-upper, and they've become quite good at the flipping/fixing houses thing. (Ok, so I only know of one house, but its my begging, so I can pad it however I want to!). We're in sunny Arizona, so she wouldn't have to deal with that really cold white stuff anymore (although if she were to think she might start to miss it, we're only a couple of hours away from some!). And the house next door has it's own pool right in the back yard!

Plus? She'd get ME for a neighbor. Ok, so maybe we won't tell her that. Don't want to scare her off before she gets here....

**After reading a couple of comments, I had to go back and re-read what I posted last night here. Apparently, it really does sound like I was trying to bribe Burgh to come be my new neighbor. And, while that would be amazingly cool, I actually was talking about Amy. Although how strange would it be to find out that Burgh's hubby was named Jeff as well? Ya know what, people..... lets just start a commune down here in sunny Arizona. All my favorite blogger girls can come out, that way no one loses a neighbor they love, and we all gain some! Whaddya say?**


Cecily R said...

Burgh IS pretty cool. I think I wouldn't mind having either one of you as that weird?

Karen said...

Oooh, congrats on the award! And nice though it would be to have Burgh in a nice warm climate, she's my neighbor and you can't have her. So there.

Still love you lots, though. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, nice award! There's another one over at my blog, just waiting for you to pick it up!! :)

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Oh, you are so sweet! Thank you so much. You seriously made me day!

You might have meant Amy with the house thing, but you better be careful. We are in the market for a new house, after all. Considering that I officially hate snow once the clock strikes midnight tonight, AZ is sounding pretty good right about now.

The Sports Mama said...

Cecily, I think being your neighbor would be absolutely fun! :)

Ahh, but Karen.... she likes my weather better... hehehe

Karen C., thanks so much! :)

Burgh, you are welcome in my sunny little corner anytime you want!

Amy said...

I would LOVE to live next door to you and Jeff would love to do another fixer upper. Of course the stress of fixing up another house would cause Jeff and I to fight, and then instead of living next door to you I would have to live WITH you!

Thank you so much for all the sweet things you said.

Someday I will come visit you. I am not just saying that. My best friend left Washington and moved to the Phoenix area. I owe her a visit, and while I am there I will travel the whole state of Arizona, if need be, to see you.
I promise.

suchsimplepleasures said...

congratulations on the well deserved award!! passed it on to another well deserving blogger!!

Huckdoll said...

AZ sounds heavenly. You got me with the no snow thing. Unfortunately, Baby Daddy only has the option of transferring the California or Florida or else I would be hinting at a move to AZ!

Congrats on the blog award girl!!

Have a wonderful weekend <3

Rachel said...

You can't have Amy because I want her to move into one of the 2 vacant houses that are on either side of me.
Congrats on your award because you totally deserve it!
Love the way you accepted it!

AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

I think I called dibs on Burgh first - since we are going to have a commitment ceremony in Vermont and all. I think she's mine. Congrats on the bling.

What's wrong with her colors?

Flea said...

Well congratulations. :D And who says YOU can't move to be near more of us? Like ... maybe ... Tulsa? We only get a smidge of the white stuff. Just enough to enjoy. And this state is freakin' football fanatical. And there's a house down the block for sale ...

Hey, you ever get to my blog?

Judi said...

Hi, I'm Judi.. Just moved in to Blog Hoppers... can I be your friend and move to Arizona ~ Oh boy, don't I sound needy? Really, I'm utterly sick of snow and freezing rain, ice and frozen nose hairs... I'm ready for some summer fun and Arizona sounds like it might have some dry heat (not the humidity that is ever so quickly headed our way here in the Maimi Valley.. bring lovely sinus headaches with it)..

So.. um... hi... nice award, btw, lol

Madaise - Blog Hoppers

The Sports Mama said...

AFF, there isn't anything specifically wrong with her colors, other than they aren't orange and blue... hehehe

At least they aren't black and silver. I couldn't talk to her at all then. On principle.

Judi, Arizona apparently has incredibly open borders! :) And having grown up suffering from frozen nose hairs, I naturally take pity on anyone looking to escape them! Welcome!