Thursday, March 6, 2008

And Now.... For Your Reading Pleasure?

The eagerly (?) awaited Locker Room Interview With The Sports Mama.

Lets open the peanut gallery, shall we?

Why do y'all live in Arizona?
Good question. If I ever figure it out, I'll let you know. No, seriously. Coach's brother lived out here with his little family at the same time that Coach and I both found ourselves out of work. I came out here on what was basically a whim, stayed with my BIL for a couple of weeks to find a job (leaving Coach and the boys back in Utah since they were in school). Took exactly two weeks to find one, and a month after that Coach and the boys were able to join me out here. Its been a good move for us.

Have you ever been east of the Mississippi? North to Canada? Out of the continental US?
I'm combining these. The furthest east I've been is Oklahoma. At least, I think that's further east than Kansas? The furthest north I've been is Wyoming. And I've never left the continental US. Although my father in law lives in Hawaii. Can I say I've left the country via osmosis?

Have I memorized the Gettysburg Address? What is your favorite thing you've memorized?
Ummm.... no. I've memorized who said it, though. Does that count? And my favorite thing I've memorized? The lines to my part in the first stage production I was in. (I played Frenchy in Grease. I know, I know. But its like a rite of passage or something, I think.)

How old were you when you had your first child? When you married Coach? Had your last child?
Let's put these in the correct order, shall we? I was 19 when Coach and I got married. I had Jock when I was 20, and Bug when I was 25.

How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? Is it an infinite amount?
Honestly? If I'm ever in the presence of angels dancing, something tells me I'm not really counting them or checking out the type of dance floor.

Thank you, Flea, for showing such an interest in me! Be warned, though, that since I think you live farther east than I've ever been before.... there is a good chance that should I decide to vacation in that direction? I'm going to end up on your doorstep!

Moving onward.....

If you had to come back as an animal, what would it be and why?
Do I have to come back at all? Ok, ok. I know. No avoiding the questions. *sigh* Ok then. If I had to come back as an animal, I think I might like to be a white tiger. The narcissist in me loves the idea of being an endangered species, which would naturally make any conversation I'm involved in all about me. Also? They are just incredibly beautiful, regal creatures. I would love to be thought of as incredibly beautiful and regal. Just once. By someone I didn't give birth to.

You MUST switch lives for one week with a celebrity....who and why?
Sherrilyn Kenyon. She is hands down my favorite author right now. Her characters are amazing, and she has the complete ability to suck you right into the story. (And if you have ever read anything by her, you absolutely just got that pun!) I think I'd rather enjoy it if I had people lining up to read something I've written, anxiously waiting for the next new thing to come out of my pen.

Oprah brings you on as an EXPERT GUEST....whats the topic?
Procrastination. Although for some reason my time slot keeps getting pushed back.........

If you HAD to swallow an insect alive (you must chew it) which insect would you choose?
Ummm..... EWWWW. That being said, it would have to be something very small, that doesn't have a lot of squirmy legs or fluttery wings, and isn't all wiggly. Maybe a quadraplegic ant or something.

Thanks to Hallie for the umm.... thought provoking?... interesting questions! I begin to believe that all that snow up there has deeply and seriously affected your brain. Eating insects???


How would you feel and what would you do if one of your kids just didn't want to do the sports thing?
I would be down on my knees daily thanking God that I finally had a chance to see if one of them enjoyed doing something I loved for a change! No, seriously. While we absolutely love it that they are so very talented and gifted athletically, we also make a habit of encouraging other activities; to make sure that they truly are doing something because they love it and not because we as their parents love it. When Jock was in 3rd (might've been 4th) grade, he was in a theater class that staged a musical Harry Potter production. He liked it, but then decided that he liked football and baseball better. Bug loves to sing and dance with me, and gets the biggest kick out of being the life of the party. I have no doubt that if he wasn't an athlete, he'd be some other type of performer. That kid just loves the spotlight!

Thanks, Cecily! Its not often I get to talk about stuff they do outside of sports! Also? It helps me to remember sometimes that they are my kids, too... not just Coach's.

And that brings us to.......

What is your favorite sports moment in your marriage? In Jock's life? In Bug's life?
I honestly have so many memorable sports moments with these three guys its hard to pick one for each. And yet, I can't combine them since they are all so different.

With Coach, I'd have to say my favorite moments revolve around watching him actually coach. When he is surrounded by all these little people, staring up at him hanging on his every word.... he is so completely in his element. He genuinely loves sharing his love and knowledge of sports with people, and he gets such a kick out of watching them soak it up!

And Jock.....this one is also so hard to pick just one from. There is the season he first discovered he actually liked football. Watching him begin to enjoy something that for so long he fought against simply because it consumed his dad's life was awesome! Then there was his last season before high school, when he was, quite literally, the star of the team. Twenty touchdowns in that eight game season, to lead the team and the league. Only to admit after the championship game that he had injured his hip in the third game of the season but he didn't want to stop playing. Or maybe it would be his first High School Touchdown, or making the high school baseball team. There is just something about the fact that we've moved on to the next level of athletics that makes everything he does so much .... more.

Bug..... we're just getting started with this one. He's already showing such great talent and amazing skills. But .... right now, this moment in time...... my favorite sports moment with him is any moment when I get to watch him hanging on his dad's every word. I can't explain how it makes me feel to watch him idolize Coach, and know that they are building spectacular memories together.

Thank you to Amy for that series of questions! There is not much I love more than thinking back over all of the awesome sports moments shared with my guys!

We have time for one more question.......

From the Kidzmama... thanks!

What kind of car do you drive? I imagine you in a sports car, red, that's very sleek.
Huh. Really? That's what you imagine me driving? If only...... *sigh* .... No, I actually drive a Nissan X-Terra. And yes, I love it. It's big enough to hold my crew, their friends, and their various bits of equipment. And yet, its stylish and sporty.

And really, that's me!


Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Wow, your blog is growing up quickly. I like the banner and the GnR song!

Cecily R said...

You are so cool!! I learned a lot about you (no idea you were once a Utahn...) and I LOVE how you answered my question! Perfect answer. :)

By the way, I can totally see you in an X-Terra looking all hot momish, but I can also see you in the sleek red sports car...

Teachin' this mommy new tricks! said...

Ohh so many awnsers! Thanks!!!

The Sports Mama said...

Thanks, LBB! I like the new look, too!

Cecily, I'm glad you liked the answer. :) And hot-mommish? Hehehe... maybe not so much. LOL

TTMNT: Welcome to my little corner of the world! And thanks for commenting and letting me know you were here!

Amy said...

That was definitely a reading pleasure!
I find it very interesting that you moved to Arizona after you found a job. Is there a post on that somewhere? That must of been an interesting time in your life.

Huckdoll said...

I loved that interview and throughly enjoyed learning so much about you. That sports car questions was hilarious and the fact you have a Nissan X-Terra is very cool...that will be my next vehicle, I hope.

Also, it's amazing to learn that you were married and were done with having kids at the age of 25. No wonder you are such a cool mom!

Have a wonderful weekend!

suchsimplepleasures said...

i loved reading this!! i think it's fun to learn about my blog friends through these types of question/answer things. i might have to try this, over on my blog!!
have a great weekend!!

LunaNik said...

A quadraplegic ant...I nearly peed myself on that one.

You're effing hysterical and I love it!

You give one hell of an interview sweet pea!!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

You SAID we could ask you ANYTHING!!! Jeesh, I was just doing what you asked!! How rude!!

Hallie :)

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

See now, if someone had asked me what you drove, I would have guessed a rugged SUV-type thing. I would have gone with XTerra or maybe an H2. Obviously, I am a genius.

So are you for thinking of the quadraplegic ant. A no-legged itty bitty bug is the only bug that someone should even consider eating.

Flea said...

Wait. Your children think you're beautiful and regal? Can we switch children?

Thank you for answering ALL my questions! Wow! I totally didn't expect the annoying ones to get a response. What? They weren't all annoying.

It is SO SWEET that you love watching Coach coach. :)

Geez, am I going to have to do one of these Q&A's soon? Mom, EVERYbody's doing it! :) Love yours!