Tuesday, March 18, 2008

From Bug's Mouth To God's Ear

Mom, its what I do. I climb things.

.....I was informed of this when Bug was found sitting up in the cottonwood tree at his brother's game this evening.

Silly me. How could I have not known that? After all, this same evening he was also located on top of the dugout on the field behind ours, at the top of the fence on another field, and once again in a tree, only this one was at the other end of the field.


Last night, Bug wanted to cook dinner. By himself. With multiple ingredients. Fortunately, it was actually from a recipe.

He wanted to make chicken enchiladas. I said, Sure. Why not?

Now, before you get over-impressed here, the recipe book is titled Campbell's Fabulous One Dish Recipes (I apologize.... I've spent the last 15 minutes searching Google for a decent link to give appropriate credit, but everything I find has no image.). Its actually a great cookbook for people like me, who hate to cook and want it as easy as possible; and for beginning cooks like Bug.

He did every step on his own. He read the recipe. He followed the directions. He measured the ingredients. He rolled each enchilada himself. And you know what? He really did a great job on them! Even Jock liked them, and he is consistently predisposed to being adamantly against anything his brother does.

And now? He's walking around the house calling himself "Chef Bug". (Ok, so when he says it, he actually uses his real name.... you all know how he feels about my calling him "Bug" here.)


On Sunday night, Bug spent the better portion of the evening working on his Tech Deck skateboard. With a teeny, tiny screwdriver. He took it completely apart, put it back together, and declared it ALL.WRONG. Apparently, he couldn't get the wheels just right.

And proceeded to do it all again. Several times. Until at one point, he finally looked up at me from the floor and decreed....

I think it will make a better snowboard.


Yes, folks.

He climbs.

He cooks.

He works with tools.

Its what he does.

Apparently I'm raising a renaissance man.


Sue said...

Awh! My son also loves to cook, but at his tender age I limit it to helping with cookies and mixing things. I think it's wonderful to have boys who cook!

Karen said...

Hmmmm, perhaps I'm looking at the wrong son. ;)

Rachel said...

That's wonderful!
Do you know what would be great books for him? 'A man, A can, A plan' then there's one 'A man, a can, a microwave' I think.
My mom got all the 'men' in our families this book and they're great. Pictures, easy recipes and good recipes!! Sam's also has some fun, easy cookbooks. What a great man you're bringing up there!!!

Flea said...

You sure are! And Bug is both my boys rolled into one! Oatmeal Head is my born mountain goat, and Little Guy loves to cook. He did exactly the same thing about a month ago. But watch out! Now he wanders into the kitchen when I'm making dinner and tries to tell me what I'm doing wrong. Grr...

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Hmm . . . a boy who cooks, fixes things (tries to, anyway), and would be happy to climb up on the roof to put up Christmas lights? Sounds like my kind of guy. If only he were a few (OK, 20) years older.

Amy said...

Cute stories.
I love that he cooks! He is definitely a Renaissance man. He must of picked some of those skills up at the Renaissance fair you went to for your birthday.

jennifer h said...

Wow, that's terrific that he cooked dinner. It seems we need some training at our house.

Love that he climbs things. My son is like that. I just need to find him better trees around here.

LunaNik said...

Way to go girl! You're doing a great job if your boy can do all that AND cook too!! Someday in the far away future, he will make a Mrs. Bug very happy ;)

AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

I love me a Renaissance Man. And, if it's what he does, let him do it, momma!

Shellie said...

How well rounded! He's a delightful kid.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

You should be proud!

I can relate to the skateboard thing.

And he cooks, too?


Cecily R said...

I love that Bug!!!! I am SO GLAD you write this stuff down.

Tell the chef I need some recipes. I'm intimidated by recipies with more than ten ingredients though, so he may have to dumb them down a bit. :)

P.S. I LOVE your question!! :)